Friday, April 9, 2010

Tennesse Next 2 Get Horse Slaughter / Willi Nelson Protests

A House subcommittee passed a bill Wednesday sponsored by Niceley, a Strawberry Plains Republican, to allow horse slaughterhouses and processing plants in Tennessee by a tight 7-6 vote. The legendary country star had recently singled out Niceley's proposal in an op-ed he sent to The Tennessean.

Nelson's daughter Amy Nelson of Lyles and granddaughter Raelyn Nelson of Goodlettsville both spoke at Wednesday's committee meeting, with Raelyn reading the op-ed that her "Papa Willie" had written.

He had sent the piece to The Tennessean in response to Niceley publicly trashing his national, anti-horse slaughtering effort in a committee meeting at Legislative Plaza last month, saying it was inhumane and results in horses starving.

"Showing compassion? Trying to end equine abuse? Yes, that is the right thing to do," Raelyn Nelson read.
Niceley said that so long as horses can't be killed and processed, more would be abandoned to starve in these tight economic times. He said the Farm Bureau is among the bill's backers.

The problem of neglected horses has been growing in the country, and some, including Niceley, say the closing of the country's few horse processing plants in recent years are a part of the reason. Federal officials have stopped issuing licenses for horse slaughterhouses and processing plants as Congress considers a bill that would outlaw the practice.

Niceley's bill is designed to encourage horse processing operations in the state, and for the state to set regulations so the animals are treated and killed humanely if the U.S. permits the plants again.

Both Niceley and Nelson say they are horse lovers and owners.

"My father stands behind the American farmer," Amy Nelson said, noting that he put together Farm Aid.

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gentlereins said...

hi, sometime when you guys get a few mintues (funny, huh?) could you take a look at our new SD ag dept website? there was much publicity about this new website, saying that it was now up and running. Take a look at their "top news stories." doesn't it seem like our state government is doing a real one-sided job here on presenting information to tax-payers? I looked at about 20 other state ag. dept websites. none of them are quite like ours on this. seems they only choose "top news stories" that encourage horse slaughter and say nasty things about hsus and other animal welfare groups. should our state government website be doing this?
thanks for your thoughts. darci hortness,

Anonymous said...

Is the government serious? Oh, wait.....stupid question! When are they? Especially when it comes to making adult decisions that actually have depth. Horse slaughtering????? And we would be selling it to other countries? Why not do something more productive like manufacturing cars here again?How does this contribute to the american work force? This is some tom foolery! We ride, love and respect horses, they are not for eating. What next.....cats , elephants, tigers and whales?!!!
I 100% oppose the slaughtering of horses!Shove it.....whoever said yes to this. That away Obama, another dumbass decision. Good thing your a 1 term president.