Thursday, May 6, 2010

Slaughterhouse Sue & The Bloody Ranch-Hand Band

Listen as Slaughterhouse Sue and her Band of Bloody Ranch-Hands sing old and new songs to Kill Yer' Hosses' by.....
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Sue is a politician from Wyoming that is spearheading the movement to bring horse-slaugher back into the US. Her and her Bloodthirsty "Slaughterhouse-Happy" gang are claiming that since the horse slaughterhouses in the US closed they have no way to "dispose" of their unwanted horses anymore
and she is obviously

Of course she knows it is a lie. She is a breeder of Quarter-horses who only wants into the horsemeat business for the money she and her state can make. Of couse she knows we are still sending horses to slaugher in greater numbers then before, but they are going to foreign plants in Canada and Mexico, also, there are PLENTY of local places for unscruplous uncaring horse owners in Wyoming to "dispose" of their unwanted horses, but they dont like to talk about that much at all;

Anyone in Wyoming looking to dump an "unwanted" horse (and get paid for it too)

can dump them off at one of these meat-market auction houses. If you cant truck em there yourself chances are the auction house will pick them up for you or help you to arrange trucking;

Larry KoBold, Livestock Seller, Sheridan, Wy;

G & D Livestock Auction, Ten Sleep, Wy;

Dunmire Ranch, Rock River, Wy;

Brannian Livestock Auction, Buffalo, Wy;

Western Wyoming Horse Auction;

Torrington, Wyoming Livestock Auction;

Worland, Wyoming Livestock Auction;

Riverton, Wyoming Livestock Auction;

Livestock Auction, Buffalo, Wyoming;

Central Wyoming Livestock Auctions;

Bart L. Wilkie, Torrington, Wy

Directory of Other Wyoming Livestock Auctions;

"There is NO such thing as an un-wanted horses, only owners who dont want their horses."

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