Tuesday, July 21, 2009

More Horse Butchery in Miami-Dade

Another horse found mutilated in Miami-Dade

Another horse was found mutilated and killed over the weekend in Southwest
Miami-Dade, apparently the latest victim of amateur butchers only
interested in the animal's meat.

The horse was found tied to a tree and dismembered along 212th Avenue, the
latest in over a dozen horse killings in the area in the past few months.

"It's horrible. It's really frustrating to see something that has been
going on for some time," said Oscar Martinez, who owns a farm nearby where the
latest horse was found. "They have been killing horses all over this area."

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Bloggers Note:
Maybe we should all kick in to put up a reward for the capture of the Miami-Dade Horse Butcherer...do you think NetPossie might help us to do this?
Wouldnt that be nice? Lets ask them!

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NetPosse said...

We would be glad to help but I would need someone to help me. We can hold the raised money in escrowe here at Stolen Horse International.