Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The Dope on Slaughter-Summit Speaker: JD Alexander

J.D. Alexander, a cattleman from Pilger, Nebraska, owns Alexander Cattle & Farms, a 2,000 acre corn/soybean/alfalfa farm that markets approximately 15,000 head of cattle per year. He has owned Alexander Cattle & Farms since 1984. Also Vice-President of the National Cattlemens Beef Association;

Alexander is a 1975 graduate of South Dakota State University with a B.S. in Agricultural Economics. While at SDSU, he was a member of the Jackrabbit football team from 1971 to 1974, and served as Captain in 1974. Between 1975 and 1984, Alexander held two positions with FMC Corporation Ag Chemicals Division: he was a Sales Representative in North Dakota, South Dakota, Minnesota and Nebraska from 1975 to 1980, and he was a Sales Manager in Wisconsin, Illinois and Indiana from 1980 to 1984.

The 1990's was a busy decade for Alexander. He participated in NCA's Young Cattlemen's Conference in 1991; served on the Cattlemen's Beef Promotion and Research Board from 1992 to 1998; served on the Domestic Marketing Subcommittee from 1993 to 1994; was Administrative Subcommittee Vice Chairman in 1995 and Administrative Subcommittee Chairman from 1996 to 1998. He also served on the Executive Committee from 1996 to 1998, as well as the Joint Beef Industry Nominating Committee in 1998.

Alexander served as President of the Nebraska Cattlemen in 2001, and was a member of the National Beef Industry Planning Group from 2000 to 2001. In addition, he has participated in several foreign trade missions, as well as foreign study travel seminars in Belgium, East and West Germany, Russia and Poland with the Nebraska LEAD program. He is Past President of the Wisner-Pilger Community Schools Foundation, Past Executive Board member of the Nebraska Cattlemen Board of Directors, and has served on numerous NCBA Committees as well. He is currently serving as NCBA Vice-President and he serves on the Nebraska Beef Council. In addition, he serves as Bank Director for both Midwest Banks in Pierce, Nebraska and United Republic Bank in Omaha. In 2001 J.D. was elected to the Nebraska Hall of Agricultural Achievement.

Alexander and his wife, Debra, have two children: Joshua and Kesa. Like their parents, they are both graduates of South Dakota State University. Joshua and his family recently returned to Nebraska to be part of the cattle operation. Kesa resides in Omaha.

Also, as VP of the National Cattlemens Associaition, see here as you read down once you open this link, what they want to do with our Nations Wild Equines;

Friday, December 24, 2010

Missing Mules

Browsing around the web today I came across an interesting post on NEERS site,....looking at a message from a gal named Tamara that placed a mule named Danny with us a few years ago. Apparently Tamara has turned to NEER for help in finding Danny, since we adopted him out under contact with one other mule named Honey, and the adoptor broke contract, moved away and we lost track of the mules. This info has been up on our QARR website ever since that time, and we have personally spoken with Tamara about the situation and, by the way, HAVE NEVER given her bad info with regards to our contact info. Our address and telephone number, which she has ALWAYS had, has NEVER changed;

Taken from NEERS website on their "Chris Jubic / QARR Bashing Page;

Update December 2010:

Tamara wants her mule back...

From: t g
Date: 12/3/2010 11:30:52 PM
Subject: mules in Ny "Chris"

The buckskin mule gelding Chris said would have a great home and if she
could not keep him i would take him back .she only took him for a companion
for the jenny mule " honey. I am Danny's owner and wold like to know where
he is. please let we know. As Chris's number and address is wrong she gave
me, Thanks

From: Beth :)
Subject: Re: mules in Ny "Chris"
To: "t g"
Date: Saturday, December 4, 2010, 9:07 AM

Chris JUBIC????

From: t g
Date: 12/4/2010 12:16:15 PM
To: Beth

Subject: Re: mules in Ny "Chris"

Yes it was chris JUBIC out of NY. do you know where he is and if he is okay
i raised him from a baby.i don't want to see him at auction.

From our website re: the mules;


Last year we adopted out two mules to a couple from HARTFORD, NY, who
called themselves "LONG-EARRED EXPRESS". The two individuals are
named GERTRUDE "Gerty" PANCUSHEK (aka Karen?) and her partner,
STEVEN WOODELL. They adopted the two mules under written contract
and we have just recently found out that THEY SOLD THEM! All attempts to
reach them have failed. We are in the process of commencing a case against them
in the Hartford, NY small claims court, - but will have to FIND them first! .

ANYONE knowing or having information about the whereabouts of these PEOPLE
or the MULES , please contact us. .

Below are some pics of the two mules. "Honey" the mule's name was changed to "Jolene." Honey is a chestnut molly mule (said to possibly be a "hinny.") approximately 8yrs old and stands about 14.2. Honey has a few 'white-hair" scars around the pressure areas where she was used in harness. I believe you can see one in the pic, on her right rear flank. She also has one on the left at the base of her neck. The other mule is a smaller buckskin "quarter-type" pony-mule, a gelding, approx 12HH......his name was Danny, approximately 12 yrs old. . He had "bad feet" in front (pidgon-toed) and a cancerous (?) mole on his rump, both were supposed to have been corrected by the adoptees, but we doubt this was done..

Below: Honey on left, Danny on right

PLEASE if you know anything we would greatly appreciate your sharing,...we
really just want the mules back, or at least, to know that they are safe in a good
home and stand no chance of being abused, neglected or sent to slaughter.....THANKS!

-------------Guess Tamara dosent know that NEER is good for losing track of its animals also, as for example, the FOUR horses QARR turned over to them in March of 2008 that NEER cannot and/or will not tell anyone where they are or how they are;

and of course, there is the case of "Blaze," a horse bailed out from a killbuyers lot by the FOBs and turned over to Beth Hill Ross of NEER who somehow lost track of him. Again,...placed and/or given away with NO CONTRACT

From NEERs own website;

Ed Debatista/'AnCarm Farm and Benji's Barn' New Ipswich NH.
Julie LeDonne/Former Barn Manager, W Newbury MA.

UPDATE: We have finally been notified that Blaze is deceased. ):

NEER sent an older horse named Blaze, pulled from Camelot (with funds
raised mostly by the Friends of Barbaro) to Ed Batista (AnCarm Farm
in New Ipswich NH), with Julie LeDonne/Jewel's Farm, of West Newbury
MA as his barn help. At the time NEER was boarding a horse with Julie,
and trusted her to oversee Blaze. After a falling out with Julie (and
therefore Ed), communication became very sketchy, and we have
been unable to get any info on Blaze for over a year. Additionally
Blaze's former (and legal) owner who was horrified that Blaze ended
up at Camelot, was unable to get any info. Unfortunately, everybody
was friends back then, no written contract...lesson learned. So we have
no legal claim, but we do have proof of the 'transaction'. We did have a
connection to the farm for a while, but it has since been severed by a
bad check. We have made at least 2 calls to the NHSPCA to try to find
Blaze, as well as other sources to possibly check up on him.
We would just like to know that Blaze is ok and being taken care of.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

"Voice of the Horse" Says "Dont Go"

Or, "Excuses from EWA"
In regards to the upcoming Summit, received in my in-box today;

Hi, CJ. I hope you are doing well.

You do realize that by attending, they are giving Wallis money to further their cause? They do not want to hear the truth that will prove they are wrong or they would have invited someone from the equine advocacy groups or scientific community to speak. They do not want to hear the studies that prove there is no correlation between neglect and slaughter. They do not want to hear the truth that US horses are not safe for human consumption. The people attending are the cause of horses going to slaughter. We do have a few people attending but even if they are allowed to ask questions or make comments, they will not be heard. You already know what the outcome of the meeting will be. It will be nothing we haven’t heard over the past many years. Why would you want to raise the attendance numbers and give credence to the meeting? It is a bunch of horse haters that profit from horse slaughter and nothing will change their minds. They are a very small voice of the $39B horse industry. Their voice is worth 3 cents on every $100 earned.

Nothing coming out of that meeting is going to change the fact that our horses are not raised as food animals. There is no getting around the drug regulations. For them to have a slaughter plant, they need a national passport system and a mechanism to remove horses from the food chain that have received substances banned by the FDA and EU and they need a market. Unless they are planning on shutting down the racing industry and not using horses for work, service or performing, what horses will they slaughter? Virtually all horses in the US are wormed and receive bute at some point in their life. How many people do you know that have herds of horses standing around in a pasture doing nothing else but eating and waiting to go to slaughter? All wild equidae meat, except zebra meat is prohibited by the EU so their grand plan of slaughtering our Mustangs is not going to happen unless they plan on painting black and white stripes on the wild horses and burros. The wild ones in holding have all been wormed and those with injuries have been treated with bute.

There is nothing on their agenda to discuss the drug issue and that speaks volumes. They don’t want facts. They want to continue repeating the same ol lies they’ve been spewing for years. They have never listened to the truth and they are certainly not going to listen to opposing views at their meeting. They are in control and with no speakers that oppose their view, audience comments will be limited and given no credibility. They even have a session on how to get around and protect themselves against us “radical, tree hugging, vegan activists”.

I would prefer that people give money to Animals’ Angels to continue their investigations or advocacy groups that are trying to change things and/or helping horses. Instead of buying a ticket to Vegas, buy a ticket to DC and meet with legislators to get the horse protection bills passed.

If they wanted to listen to the facts, slaughter would have ended years ago.

Vicki | A Voice for Our Horses

Reply |Mule Kist to vicki
show details 8:07 AM (0 minutes ago)

Vicki, Look at it like this: If rescuers can give $$$ to the KBs to save some horses, why not $$$ to the pros to have our voices heard? After all this is a one time deal, not a business relationship with them....worth it to some to have an anti-slaughter presense there to counteract the BS at the very least. Who cares what the pros do or do not want to hear? It is the undecided ones sitting on the fence and yes, they will be there too. I know we have "heard it all before" but this truley is a unique and "historic" event as is the "1st annual" and there will be more to come if we dont take measures to counter act. It is just the same as when I was encouraging everyone to join the AHC to even out the scales a little on the anti-slaughter can we ever expect them to change if we dont "get in there" with them and "devide and conquor" them?
Vicki all this stuff you are telling me in (this email) we already know, so you are preaching to the choir here. This is the type of factual info we need to fling back at them in the Summit. We must make them hear truth whether it does any good or not....some will see through the BS and at the very least we will be able to say that we were there for the horses to be their TRUE voice that day...

Agree with our going or not,....people are already asking "Where TF are our leaders in this?" So you may want to say something to them in your next article as to why no one from EWA is attending....I think all the mother orgs who have chosen not to go owe the rest of the advocates that...

The pro-slaughters organizations will go on with or without our "one-time" funding them by way of registration fees,...and I DO give to Animal Angels and other worthy orgs but that shouldnt stop me from doing other things,...and I DONT put ANY faith in our legislators for they ALL are a bunch of liars, crooks and thieves. I thought you and your Org would have realized this by now. None of those bills are no good for the horses anyhow. They were all created to give the pro-slaughters and wild horse haters what they want and YOU are supporting them (and the continued death of our horses) by supporting and believing in their phoney bills).

Thanks for caring and am sharing this email with groups.

- Show quoted text -

Taking a STAND for the horses in Las Vegas

by Brogan Horton on Saturday, December 4, 2010 at 10:35am

As many of you have heard, January 3rd-6th will be a sad day for horses. There is a conference in Las Vegas at the South Point Casino called, “The Summit of the Horse Conference”. This conference is a meeting of the biggest pro-slaughter heads in the country. The event organizer is Sue Wallis, the very same Sue Wallis who thinks that horses, domestic and wild alike, should be slaughtered and be fed to our children in schools and colleges. They are going to discuss, "How to deal with UNWANTED feral horses", "How to restore slaughter in the USA" and " How to deal with unwanted and abandoned horses".... a few guest speakers include:

-The BLM's Chief Bob Abbey
-Dave Catoor- Sue Wallis- Wyoming
-Ike Sankey – Joliet, Montana
-Sankey Pro Rodeo – PRCA stock contractor
-Larry Johnson, Nevada Sportsmen for Fish & Wildlife and former member of BLM Wild Horse and Burro Advisory Committee
-Arlen Washines, Yakama Nations
-Frank Bowman, Illinois Horse Council
-Katherine Minthorn Good Luck, Umatilla, Inter tribal AgricultureCouncil & Northwest Tribal Horse Coalition
-Jason Smith, Warm Springs Tribe
-Tim Amlaw, American Humane
-Temple Grandin & Mark Deesing from Grandin Livestock Systems
-Joey Astling, USDA/APHIS Slaughter Horse Regulation
-Jennifer Woods – Humane Handling and Assessment Tool Project
-Bill DesBarres, Horse Welfare Alliance of Canada
-Chris Gould, Canada, World Breeding Federation of Sport Horses
-Manuel Sada, Criadores de Caballos Deportivos Mexicanos AC, Mexico

It’s basically a giant conference of horse killers.... the BLM (our government, who is paid with OUR tax dollars) is now saying slaughter is a the only reasonable means of disposal for the "Mass"abundance of wild horses.

We have an incredible opportunity to make a HUGE difference in Las Vegas!

SHARK has SO generously donated the use of their "TIGER truck", a truck with 4 HUGE TV screen's surrounding it playing looped video. We will drive around downtown Las Vegas, showing the general public images of what they are REALLY talking about inside the summit meeting. Driving back and forth in front of the Casino, in front of the pro-slaughter people walking in and out... Imagine the impact, and attention this would bring to our cause! To be able to EXPOSE the truth to the general public, RIGHT in Sue Wallis' face!!! The look on her face will be priceless, and worth EVERY PENNY!

We are in need of funding to RUN the truck! It needs to be driven from Chicago to Vegas for the Event

- The truck runs on diesel- The screens run on a gasoline generator

We need your help to make this happen!! This is our CHANCE to stand up for the horses in the faces of those who oppose us!

Please donate the following to help:

We need: Frequent flyer miles to get our volunteers to and from the event- Gas cards to run the truck and get it from A- B

Any donation can be made to:

(please include a mailing address foryour tax write-off receipt)

Mail Check or Money Order to: (Gas cards can be mailed to the same address)
Animal Rescue Unit P.O Box 50 North Bridgton Maine 04057

We need to stand together, to be the voice for the horses, for their future!

Brogan Horton
President & Lead Investigator
Animal Rescue Unit
Phone (207) 939-7852
Fax (207) 647-3798
Please also know that there is plans for peaceful protests and demonstations outside of the South Point Casino, and all are welcome to come to Vegas on Jan. 3rd thru 6th to join the "Friends of Equines FOES of Equine Slaughter" folks who will be there protesting the event. Contact Chris Jubic at MuleKist@Gmail.Com for more info on the demos.

Also, any anti-horse slaughter advocates who may wish to go to the Summit and partake in the question and answer period can do so by registering at the "reduced" rate of $100 by signing in as a Sponsor of Friends of Equines, as we have already bought a table in order to have our anti-horse slaughter voices heard. Here is the link to the "Pro-Slaughter Summit" if you want to register to go;

Hope to see you there, inside or out. Thanks for caring!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Friends of Equines to Attend Horse Slaughter Summit - You Can Too!

FRIENDS OF EQUINES has paid the $500 vig to Sponsor YOUR PLACE at the table for FULL PARTICIPATION in the Pro-Slaughters "Summit of the Horse" - Calling all Anti-Horse-Slaughter Advocates to Attend - Register Today Under FRIENDS OF EQUINES for only $100 and HAVE YOUR ANTI-HORSE SLAUGHTER VOICE HEARD!!!!! Price goes up tomorrow so be sure and register today!
Register here under "Sponsoring Org" (Friends of Equines) for $100;

Price goes up to $200 tomorrow. Important to REGISTER TODAY!
Tell your friends,....Tell THE MOTHER ORGS! They can get in on the cheap but must register TODAY!!!

Monday, December 13, 2010

Calling All Pro-Slaughter "Rescues" - "The Load" Wants You on Her PayRoll

United Horsemen Fronting Looking for Rescues to Work With;


We have sent out an email to all the "Known Rescues" we can find asking them to become part of our Rescue/Rejuvination Prgram. Satellite Rescues in our program will be eligible for funding and all horses adopted from these rescues will be eligible for show incentive money and our Rescue Horse-Horse shows.


Bloggers note:

And the equines that are found to be "beyond rescue" will be humanely euthanized by injection and their dead carcasses sold to the nearest rendering plant? Think "NOT." They will be sent off alive to slaughter with a bolt driven through their head. The owners make mo money that way, but an animal has to be alive to sell to slaughter. Sue Wallis and her "United Horsemen Fronting" aint about whats best for the horse, but about whats best for the owner, and what profits them the most.

RAY CHARLES could see that!

The Daily Load: Sue Wallis Extends Invitation to Equine Rescues / Advocates to Attend Summit...

That is, IF they can behave themselves...

Dear ,

In tonight's Summit of the Horse Blog we share a positive and a negative.

First, we have been honored and had our hearts warmed by a number of horse rescue owners who have sought us out to thank us for our work in providing a necessary option for horse owners.

As our President, Dave Duquette says, "No one really cares to think about horses getting processed. The reality is many horses are suffering far worse lives and deaths than a quick, humane death could ever be. Please help us help them through our realistic system that will end unnecessary suffering." To that end, we are issuing an open invitation to other rescues and equine programs who agree with our pragmatic approach to work with us to help as many horses as possible find new purposes and new homes...and to ensure proper humane handling for those where such a fate is not possible.

In regards to the second post, it is probably no secret to anyone who has been involved in horse issues in recent times that there are so-called horse "advocates," some of whom are vicious and unprincipled who continue to lie, twist the truth, and attack individuals rather then engage in any kind of reasoned civil discourse. Being at ground zero of many of those attacks I long ago came up with a standard procedure:
If the message contains a direct threat of violence it gets immediately sent to the FBI who maintains a file specifically for this purpose.

If the message engages in name-calling or disrespectful language the sender is immediately placed on my "blocked" list so that I never have to be subjected to abuse from that particular source again.

If the message maintains at least a minimum of decorum, but is opposed to what we are doing, I respond respectfully with the logic and reasons behind our various positions...this is the way that we can come to a better place.
Civility matters, and we will tolerate no less.

For this reason, and because we became aware of an effort to organize a protest of our Summit, we have established the following policy:

Protests and/or disruptive behavior inside the Summit room will not be tolerated-anyone creating or participating in such disruptions will be immediately escorted out by security and all registration dues or other funds will be forfeited.

Everyone is welcome at the Summit of the Horse, and welcome to express their opinion so long as they are respectful of other participants and decorum is maintained. There will be disagreements, of course, but that does not mean that we have to be disagreeable.

As friends pointed us towards this effort to disrupt the Summit, it lead us to cold hard proof of what we have suspected all along. These groups which feed on misinformation and emotional scare tactics are engaging in absolutely blatant fraud by encouraging their supporters to look up the zip codes in an elected officials district and claim to live there sending many multiples of the same message, and vowing to make thousands of phone calls using fraudulent addresses and names. Classic astroturfing--an artificial manufactured political movement designed to give the appearance of grass roots activism.

Needless to say, we have informed Congress and the Administration and the Agencies of this travesty with the firm suggestion that they ignore any and all such mass campaigns.

Both posts--our sincere invitation to Rescues, and the proof of fraud--are below, and on the Summit of the Horse Blog.

Sue Wallis, Vice President
United Horsemen, and
Breeder of Quarter-Horses

Saturday, December 11, 2010

sUE wALLIS'S "Daily Load"

Hello Cowpokes
and Poke'ettes In today's Summit of the Horse blog we share a very scary encounter with an animal rights terrorist who is being allowed to incite violence against animal owners, restaurants, anywhere animals or animal products are used. This terrorist is able to recruit openly at college campuses. The message here is that animal rights terrorists are alive, well, free, walking amongst us and inciting violence against you and your family.

Secondly, we share a visual image that points out dramatically that there is no such thing as a vegan. Human beings always have, and always will use animal products--it is the natural order of the way the world works that is embraced by every major religion, our lasting traditions and philosophies. The whole animal rights agenda is dangerous, morally and ethically corrupt.

Animal rights terrorists and Mother Nature are cruel. As responsible and caring animal owners we don't have to is our moral duty to ensure that the animals we own or manage are well cared for, and that when we use them, or harvest them, that they are honored and respected, and that they are handled in humane ways.

Sue Wallis, Vice President
United Horsemen

a 501c3 educational and charitable nonprofit devoted to the well-being of horses and horse people

Last Chance for "Equine Advocate Professionals" to Register for Sue Wallis's "Horse-Slaughter Fest"

Sue Wallis
Vice President, United Horsemen

(307) 680-8515



CHEYENNE, Wyo...United Horsemen, a 501(c)(3) educational and charitable organization devoted to the well being of horses and horse people seeking to implement humane and realistic solutions to the excess horse problem, is hosting the first Summit of the Horse event to be held Jan. 3-6, 2011 in Las Vegas at the South Point Hotel, Casino & Spa.

The event is an effort to gather horse men and women with federal, state, tribal, and private land resource managers, conservationists and ranchers in a forum to address concerns about the sustainability and health of land; horses, both domestic and wild; native wildlife and the horseback culture and economy.

The complete Program & Schedule, information on an illustrious slate of more than 45 Featured Speakers from all corners of the horse and resource management world, Register, Sponsor or arrange a Booth, are all available online at

Until December 15th early registration rates are as follows: Horse industry professionals -- $175; Sponsoring organizations (horse, conservation, wildlife, resource management-) -- $500 and includes registration for first two members; $100 for each additional member from the same organization; $300 for all other full participation. When early registration ends all categories will be increased by $100.

The South Point Hotel is offering Summit participants deluxe rooms at the rate of $50 plus tax per night. To book your room online and receive the group rate use the code: HOR0111.

To arrange booth space and sponsorship opportunities, contact Dave Duquette at (541) 571-7588 and at

For more Summit event information, contact Sue Wallis at (307) 680-8515; Trace Bentley, Colorado Association of Conservation Districts, (970) 412-3386; or visit the Summit of the Horse website at


Friday, December 10, 2010

Journal of Animal Science: UnWanted Horse Report

Havent read this will reserve comments for now

LifeSavers: An Invitation to Attend

Dear LifeSavers,

I would gladly donate $500 to your worthy Org if you could find your way clear to attend the Upcoming Horse-Slaughter Convention in Vegas next month to be our voice on the anti-horse slaughter side. I will even pay for the hotel room for the entite three days.
Please respond to or ca...ll (518) 753 - 7791
Lifesavers Inc. -

Lifesavers Inc. - horse rescue rehab and retirment ranch - dedicated to saving abandoned - abused - neglected and slaughterbound horses - with our focus on mustangs

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Sue Wallis' Pro-Slaughter "Summit of the Horse" - Will Any Antis Show?

I put this question to a wild horse rescue in one of our western states:

Me: I wonder if anyone from this org will be attending Sue Wallis' 1st Annual "Summit of the Horse" next month?
Them: Nope. none of us are planning on attending...too much money, too far away, & too many horses to take care of. sigh.
Me: ‎...and none of the "Mother Orgs" will help us to organize?
Them: Contact them directly....vicki & john's emales are on EWA vivian at int'l fund for horses....shelley sawhook fromr AHDF in dc.....& whoever else....i haven't heard that anyone is going.
Me: I have and am putting the question to all of them. Too bad it didnt cross Madelene's mind to help us all organize for this thing.
Them: I talked to steven long of horseback magazine & he said that he didn't know of any one who was going, either.....
Me: Now dont you think that a god damn shame? Dont you think it is a golden opportunity to meet the oposition head on, point for point? Dont you think this event should be MANDATORY for our leaders on the anti-slaughter side, or am I the only one?
Them: Madeleine has too many things on her plate to think about organizing for the slaughter summit, me thinks....
Me: How long does it take to create a travel fund? Or make reservations at the Summit or rent a few rooms in Vegas for some of us that want to go but cant afford it....a couple of phone calls is all it would take. I too am very busy (as are we all) but I make SEVERAL calls a day "for the cause."
Them: Well, it seems silly for the advocates to have to pay $150 or whatever it is just to walk into the door. we'd be paying them to continue their slaughter fest.
Me: No. We would be paying to have our voice heard and to make them look like the fools they are, their own forum. Priceless, I would say.
Them: Madeleiine is only funding what madeleine is working on. i haven't seen her donate $$$$ to ANY other projects even for the horses. have you??? & i haven't seen her do much work with any of the other advocates, either....
Me: Its for THE HORSES. You still think its "not worth it" to be a voice for them in this important forum. What are waiting for? The slaughterhouses to open back up? Then what? You will HAVE no forum to debate them then.
Me: I heard she just helped Lifesavers rescue 100 wild horses that were on their way to slaughter....still...can we not multi-task when needed? That is the problem. Everyone is working on "their own thing." Lack of organization in the anti-slaughter camp is nothing new. Meanwhile, the pros are gaining ground and we are going to let this golden opportunity to intelligently debate with our opponents slip by? Think of the coverage it will get when we soundly round them out with the hard questions and the cold hard facts. I am so ashamed of our so called "leaders." NOW is a crutial time. I am about to give up on it myself. No unity of purpose.
Them: I figured that out. Earlier this week I had someone elude that we are supporting slaughter and it was very painful...I cannot even imagine it...
Me: We are letting it happen.OUR LEADERs are, I shud say

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Will "Americans Against Horse Slaughter" be Welcome at The First Annual Horse-Slaughter Convention?

...and will we ever know if someone dosent ask?

The Pro-Slaughter organizers are inviting ALL interested parties to participate;

Do you think any "Americans Against Horse Slaughter" will even bother to ask?

"Americans Against Horse Slaughter" need to call and see if they would be welcome at this "Summit of the Horse" Convention, and if so, will they make reservations to attend?

Sue Wallis
307 685 8248 ranch
307 680 8515 cell

Dave Duquette

541 571 7588

*Booths are available for $500 which include 2 registrations for the Summit

Monday, December 6, 2010

Horse-Slaughter Summit / Day One


January 3rd – Monday

6:00 pm – Opening Reception – Trent Loos – Master of Ceremonies for the Summit of the Horse

Trent Loos is a farmer, rancher, and radio host with a special love for folks who lead the same life he has chosen. Trent is a sixth-generation resource provider, specializing in supplying seedstock to pork producers, and beef cattle. When he’s not busy cutting cattle, Trent’s passion is spreading the word about the many positive things in production agriculture, where it is “individuals, not the institutions, that make a difference.”

Announce winner of 2011 Dodge Truck from Chapman Dodge

January 4th – Tuesday

9:00 am – Welcome and Opening Remarks

John Falen, President of Public Lands Council & Tom Collins, Clark County, Nevada, Commissioner

9:30 am – Opening Keynote: The Politics of Land and Horses

U.S. Congressman Charlie Stenholm, Texas, (retired)

9:45-10:00 – Break

10:00 am – The Horsemen’s Forum – Necessary Steps to Restore Lost Value and Normal Markets

A discussion that includes a broad range of horse industry spokespersons representing horse marketing, top trainers in various disciplines, breeders, breed registries, and event organizations. Forum participants will give their brief answer to the question, “What are the most important things that need to be done to restore the horse industry in the United States?” This first round will be followed by questions and answers with the audience.

Dave Duquette – Hermiston, Oregon – working cow horse trainer

Frank Bowman – Springfield, Illinois – Horsemen’s Council of Illinois

Bill & Jann Parker, Billings, Montana – Billings Livestock Horse Sale

David Solum, Solum Brothers – Lamar, Missouri – breeder – production sale

Ted Robinson – Oakdale, California – cow horse trainer

Dennis Foster – Virginia – Master of Fox Hounds Assn

Johnny Zamrzla – California Horse Council – PRCA

Ike Sankey – Joliet, Montana – Sankey Pro Rodeo – PRCA stock contractor

Bob Loomis – Marietta, Oklahoma – NRHA trainer and breeder

Katherine Minthorn Good Luck – Pendleton, Oregon – Intertribal Agriculture Agency

Tyson Larson – Nebraska – rope horse trainer and Nebraska State Senator

12:00 Noon – Lunch Break

Afternoon Sessions: Healthy lands/Healthy Horses—Restoring ecological balance to federal lands, controlling excess and unwanted feral horses on state, tribal, and private lands.

1:30 pm – Bob Abbey, BLM Director – Sustainable & Realistic Solutions to Wild Horse & Burro Program

2:15 pm – Wild Horse Gathers and Issues Regarding Horse Welfare

Dr. Boyd Spratling, DVM and member of the BLM Wild Horse and Burro Advisory Committee

2:45-3:00 pm – Break

3:00 pm – The BLM situation

A forum of land management agencies, range specialists, equine specialists, wildlife conservationists, Western state policy makers, and domestic horse industry representatives discussing the current situation on the land, and effects on other users of federal lands, as well as market effects on the horse industry of BLM policies.

John Falen, President of Public Lands Council

Dean Bolstead, BLM wild horse program

Dave Catoor, horse gathering contractor

Steve Torbit, National Wildlife Federation

Larry Johnson, Nevada Sportsmen for Fish & Wildlife and former member of BLM Wild Horse and Burro Advisory Committee

4:00-4:15 pm – Break

4:15 pm – Unintended Consequences on State, Tribal, and Private Lands

Tribal leaders join with private land owners and state land managers to discuss the breadth and scope of devastation wrought by uncontrolled populations of feral horses not under the jurisdiction of the federal government. This forum includes a discussion of the unintended consequences that have resulted in the alarming increase of abandoned, neglected, and starving horses.

Arlen Washines, Yakama Nations

Frank Bowman, Illinois Horse Council

Katherine Minthorn Good Luck, Umatilla, Intertribal Agriculture Council & Northwest Tribal Horse Coalition

Jeri Dobrowski,

Jason Smith, Warm Springs Tribe,

Wade Cox, Colorado rancher

6:00 pm – Evening Reception – The Equine Market Report

An informal discussion with those involved with horse sales and horse marketing from around the country hosted by Nancy Robinson, Vice President for Government and Industry Affairs, Livestock Marketing Association

January 5th – Wednesday

Morning Sessions: The U.S. Horse Industry—Protecting our horseback cultures and livelihoods

9 am – The International Animal Rights Agenda and what is Necessary to Counter Activist’s Tactics, Dennis Foster

Dennis Foster is the Executive Director of the Masters of Foxhounds Association in Virginia. A retired military intelligence officer, Dennis has become an internationally renowned expert on the radical agenda of animal rights organizations worldwide. Following Foster’s presentation, will be a panel discussion including those who have been on the front lines, such as horse owners who have been attacked by animal rights groups speaking from their experience. The objective will be to provide practical, hands-on advice and training on how to protect yourself and your way of life from radical extremist agendas.

Frank Bowman, Horsemen’s Council of Illinois

Mindy Patterson, American Federation of Animal Owners

Denissa Malott, Victim of HSUS abusive actions, and her ongoing effort for justice

Dave Duquette, United Horsemen, who continues to work closely with Denissa Malott and her ongoing battle

10:15 – 10:30 am – Break

10:30 am – Protecting our grazing & other rights— Karen Budd Falen, Wyoming

Attorney Karen Budd Falen has gathered data and conducted research which exposes the egregious misuse of Equal Access to Justice Act funds by environmental and animal rights groups, who have used federal taxpayer dollars to sue the federal government with the objective and end result being the taking of private property rights of animal owners and livestock producers. Her discussion will include straightforward advice on what rights we have as animal owners, and steps we all need to take to petition the government for redress of grievances—a constitutionally guaranteed right of every American citizen.

12:00 Noon – Lunch Break

Afternoon Sessions: Efforts underway to provide humane and economically viable options

1:30 pm – Dr. Temple Grandin – Humane Handling of Horses

2:30 pm – Efforts underway to provide humane and economically viable options

In spite of the economic devastation of the horse industry, efforts around the country are underway to bring humane and regulated horse processing back to the U.S. This forum will include those involved in enterprises already underway to build plants in Montana, North Dakota, Oregon, Wyoming and elsewhere.

Ed Butcher, Montana

Jason Smith, Warm Springs Tribe, Oregon

Sue Wallis, Wyoming

3:15-3:30 pm – Break

3:30 pm – Setting the high standard for humane processing of horses

Representatives from U.S. and Canadian animal science and humane livestock handling organizations, as well as federal and state livestock processing regulatory agencies discuss what is necessary for the humane processing of horses. This will include a presentation of the Equine Humane Handling and Assessment Project of the Horse Welfare Alliance of Canada.

Tim Amlaw, American Humane

Temple Grandin & Mark Deesing from Grandin Livestock Systems

Joey Astling, USDA/APHIS Slaughter Horse Regulation

Jennifer Woods – Humane Handling and Assessment Tool Project

4:30 pm – The international perspective

How the U.S. situation is affecting the Canadian and Mexican horse industry, as well as global impacts.

Bill desBarres, Horse Welfare Alliance of Canada

Chris Gould, Canada, World Breeding Federation of Sport Horses

Rob Leach, Australia, horse trainer familiar with feral horse and camel depredation problems in Australia

Manuel Sada, Criadores de Caballos Deportivos Mexicanos AC, Mexico

6:00 pm – Evening Reception – Canadian and United States Connections in the Equine Economy

Temple Grandin book signing

January 6th – Thursday Morning

8:30 am – Brian Sandoval, Governor of Nevada (or his designee)

9:00 am – U.S. Congressmen Doc Hastings, Washington, new Chairman of Natural Resources Committee

9:30 am – Gary Moyer – Board of Directors – National Conservation Districts

10:00 am – Steve Foglesong – National Cattlemen’s Beef Assn (NCBA) President

10:45 am – 11:00 am Break

11:00 am – G.B. Oliver – Executive Vice President, Paragon Foundation

The Paragon Foundation was founded on the idea that it is the responsibility of government to protect the rights of fellow Americans, as written in the Constitution, as well as the responsibility of every American to make sure the government remained true to its purpose. Understanding that knowledge is power, Mr. Oliver will wrap up the Summit of the Horse in a way that seeks to arm landowners, land managers, horse owners and horse industry professionals with the information and negotiating skills necessary to protect their property.

HorseMeat on The Menu at 1st Annual Summit of the Horse?

If Sue Wallis and Friends had their way, it would! Below is a message being sent round today to her Pro-Slaughter Constituants, from The Horse-Slaughter Queen herself;

Hello Suscribers,

For today's Summit of the Horse blog we are sharing a reprint of an article written by Dan Pandolfo, a horse breeder and cattle rancher from Northgate, Sask., who says eating horse meat is more respectful than waste or abuse. This was originally published in the Western Producer on September 23, 2010.

There are many perspectives on the problems in the horse industry today. Dan shares one that many of us share.

Our hope is to bring all of the various perspectives together at the Summit of the Horse in Las Vegas to discuss calmly and rationally what needs to be done to restore the horse industry. We will not tolerate protests and obstruction, but if you come to the table with respect and decorum, you will be welcomed. I hope that you can join us!

Sue Wallis, Vice President
United Horsemen


Available horse meat a modern reality

I am a Saskatchewan horse breeder and cattle rancher. I read your Aug. 26 article ( "Horse breeding industry faces crisis") with interest and an open mind, and I feel compelled to give a different perspective.

In regard to Betty Coulthard's problems and the emotions spawned by the reality of product demand, I agree that it is difficult to see young horses go to slaughter plants.

However, I feel the same way about a pen of nice fat steers or heifers or a favourite productive cow that has spent her time on earth doing what she was meant to do - turning the earth's grasses and grains into life-sustaining protein.

After all, the relationship between mankind and forage-consuming animals has existed for well over 1,000 years.

Ms. Coulthard's perspective could be suspect to a lot of breeders and horse owners and potential new industry players. Making a statement such as " you have to raise 100 horses to get two good ones" is self-defeating when it comes to getting the public and horse enthusiasts to spend hard-earned dollars on the product of a specific breeding program.

In my program, I think if I raise one poor animal in 10, then I need to correct the problem as quickly as possible. In fact, I have a sales production program that includes a guarantee of a horse's quality, given proper care and animal husbandry is in place in the prospective customer's facility.

The truth about the price of horses is multifaceted. Part of it relates to the PMU industry.Canadian PMU producers were persuaded by the buyer of their product to produce papered stock to eliminate the impression that they were raising horses destined for human consumption. Producers complied.

Supply and demand set the price on the horses, and producers had to sell them to the pleasure and performance horse industry to comply with their contract holder and their own association. The result: a massive number of papered horses of varying quality. It created a glut on the market.

Producing high quality sport horses is a tough game to play. Even the best bred prospects sometimes do not work out as well as intended.

This has left a sour taste in the mouths of many people who invested in PMU bred horses. A number of these horses work out well but a greater number prove to be a poor investment.

Good horses still bring good money. The same is true of all top quality products. And yes, it's true that the market does not bear as much fruit as it did 10 years ago. We are in recession and everyone is included, horse breeders and users alike.

At this time in our history, horses are a luxury. Supply and demand are the dominant factors in this world and probably always will be.

North Americans are foolish and wasteful. Apparently we are so rich that we can, because of an emotional misconception, afford to throw away one of the highest quality red meat sources in the world.

Horse meat is lower in fat and cholesterol than beef or bison. It has higher protein per gram and is also rich in trace elements.

In our culture, obesity is running rampant, causing all kinds of expensive and damaging health issues. Yet we think eating horse meat is a sin, while the rest of the world consumes more than four million horses per year and has lower obesity rates.

This is a ridiculous situation. We have people in our own country who struggle to feed their families a good balanced diet. At the same time we sell our horses to a few fully integrated horse meat market retailers for a fraction of what they are worth on the world market.

I have been told that a 1,200 pound horse, when processed, retails for an average of $ 2,750 per animal. If you figure a yield of 65 percent on the rail, the meat is worth $3.52 per lb.

I have also heard that in some European and Asian regions, the best cuts can sell for up to $40 per lb. Of course, those would be fed horses for a specific market but it nevertheless appears that horse meat is worth a premium to beef in a lot of countries.

We see horses sold in this country for a measly 20 to 40 cents per lb., all because there is no domestic demand.

Yet 4.6 million horses are consumed by humans every year in other countries and cultures. Are we to assume these cultures are ethically corrupt, uncivilized or less intelligent than North Americans are?

The animal rights people have been successful in shutting down the slaughter horse industry in the United States, making U.S. slaughter horses worthless. Integrated retailers are able to buy American horses for the cost of assembly and trucking.

It seems unbelievable, but the anti-slaughter groups and animal rights people are crushing the taxable economic activity of the horse industry. At the same time they are enabling the horse slaughter monopolies in Canada and Mexico to make bigger profits than ever.

Using horses to sustain human life is far more respectful of these animals than to let them starve or put them down and waste their remains.

Bloggers Note: The asshole author said ONE thing right. The PMU Industry plays a HUGE part in the production of so many "un-wanted" horses.

Friday, December 3, 2010

HR 503 Not Worth Fighting For: Call for Operation Start Over

I have just been going over the latest version of HR 503, our "Anti-Horse Slaughter Bill (now S. 503 currently stalled in Committee) and after reading it, it suddenly dawned on me, this bill, as amended, does little to protect horses from slaughter....and sounds like the amendments could have been written by people of the likes of Sue Wallis. Read it and see what you think and Iwill get back to explaining why I think this bill is NO good and was written (same as the ROAM Act) to placate the anti-voters while at the same time allowing the pro-exactly what they want,....loopholes in the law that would allow the slaughter of our American Horses to Continue....

It also makes the Secretary of Agriculture responsible for all unwanted horses and encumbers tax payers with the cost of reimbursment to the owners of same. They are asking for $5,000.000 to enact this bill....(another reason it will never pass) and I am wondering WHY should the Secretary be responsible for the owners "unwanted" horses? Why should the tax payers have to pay, and why cant they just make a simple bill that says NO AMRICAN EQUINES should be slaughtered and that the owners will be responsible for the proper and humane disposal of their unwanted ones? Provisions holding the owners accountable for their own just might help cut the over-breeding down. Isnt that exactly what is needed, and what we want?

It does reaffirm in the bill that horses are not traditional food animals and should be "protected" from slaughter....AND THAT is a very good thing we must NEVER lose track of, but, it turns out though, in the context of this bill, they mean "protection" only for some. There are loop-holes that will allow some to be slaughtered even for human consumption. Why cant they just come right out and say that the slaughter any American Equine any reason should be prohibited, across the board? If we recognize that horses (in America) are not food animals, why should we allow ANY of them to be slaughtered for any reason? Slaughter is a horror reserved for food chain animals ONLY....there is no other reason to kill an animal in that way except to consume its flesh. Slaughter is never and can never be humane under any conditions. There is NO SUCH THING AS HUMANE SLAUGHTER. Anyone who says there is is a fool.

Recognizing the importance of the horse in our history, the 106th Congress designated Dec 13th as The National Day of the Horse. (A day I am ashamed to say, that most equine advocates ignore)

Several years ago, Author of HR 503, Congressman Conyers, pushed a bill through that designated JAZZ as a National why not for American Equines too? After all, its our American Equines that are tortured and killed, NOT any Jazz Musicians!

What is needed is a bill designating American Equines as National Treasures and Recognizing that they are not a food animal in the USA and PROHIBITING their slaughter anywhere for any reason, period. Its really is that simple....why do the politicians, even those who proport to be our supporters, why do they keep mucking it up, dragging it on and on?

Could it be because they are ALL, everyone of them to a number, a bunch of liars, and cheats and thieves who will promice us anything but do little or nothing in furtherance of our goals?
Ya'all know my feelings on that!



Legislative BS & So Much for Their Support

Will all this legislative support, (over 180 politicians) how come we still cant pass our bill (S. 503)?

Some one sent it to Committee knowing it would stall there and die. It happens everytime. When the bill was first submitted, they could have held on to it or put it on the calander right way. All I wanna know is, who was responsible for sending it to Committee?

Furthermore, there are ways to get it out of Committee but no one seems to be working on that goal....