Thursday, December 9, 2010

Sue Wallis' Pro-Slaughter "Summit of the Horse" - Will Any Antis Show?

I put this question to a wild horse rescue in one of our western states:

Me: I wonder if anyone from this org will be attending Sue Wallis' 1st Annual "Summit of the Horse" next month?
Them: Nope. none of us are planning on attending...too much money, too far away, & too many horses to take care of. sigh.
Me: ‎...and none of the "Mother Orgs" will help us to organize?
Them: Contact them directly....vicki & john's emales are on EWA vivian at int'l fund for horses....shelley sawhook fromr AHDF in dc.....& whoever else....i haven't heard that anyone is going.
Me: I have and am putting the question to all of them. Too bad it didnt cross Madelene's mind to help us all organize for this thing.
Them: I talked to steven long of horseback magazine & he said that he didn't know of any one who was going, either.....
Me: Now dont you think that a god damn shame? Dont you think it is a golden opportunity to meet the oposition head on, point for point? Dont you think this event should be MANDATORY for our leaders on the anti-slaughter side, or am I the only one?
Them: Madeleine has too many things on her plate to think about organizing for the slaughter summit, me thinks....
Me: How long does it take to create a travel fund? Or make reservations at the Summit or rent a few rooms in Vegas for some of us that want to go but cant afford it....a couple of phone calls is all it would take. I too am very busy (as are we all) but I make SEVERAL calls a day "for the cause."
Them: Well, it seems silly for the advocates to have to pay $150 or whatever it is just to walk into the door. we'd be paying them to continue their slaughter fest.
Me: No. We would be paying to have our voice heard and to make them look like the fools they are, their own forum. Priceless, I would say.
Them: Madeleiine is only funding what madeleine is working on. i haven't seen her donate $$$$ to ANY other projects even for the horses. have you??? & i haven't seen her do much work with any of the other advocates, either....
Me: Its for THE HORSES. You still think its "not worth it" to be a voice for them in this important forum. What are waiting for? The slaughterhouses to open back up? Then what? You will HAVE no forum to debate them then.
Me: I heard she just helped Lifesavers rescue 100 wild horses that were on their way to slaughter....still...can we not multi-task when needed? That is the problem. Everyone is working on "their own thing." Lack of organization in the anti-slaughter camp is nothing new. Meanwhile, the pros are gaining ground and we are going to let this golden opportunity to intelligently debate with our opponents slip by? Think of the coverage it will get when we soundly round them out with the hard questions and the cold hard facts. I am so ashamed of our so called "leaders." NOW is a crutial time. I am about to give up on it myself. No unity of purpose.
Them: I figured that out. Earlier this week I had someone elude that we are supporting slaughter and it was very painful...I cannot even imagine it...
Me: We are letting it happen.OUR LEADERs are, I shud say

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