Friday, December 24, 2010

Missing Mules

Browsing around the web today I came across an interesting post on NEERS site,....looking at a message from a gal named Tamara that placed a mule named Danny with us a few years ago. Apparently Tamara has turned to NEER for help in finding Danny, since we adopted him out under contact with one other mule named Honey, and the adoptor broke contract, moved away and we lost track of the mules. This info has been up on our QARR website ever since that time, and we have personally spoken with Tamara about the situation and, by the way, HAVE NEVER given her bad info with regards to our contact info. Our address and telephone number, which she has ALWAYS had, has NEVER changed;

Taken from NEERS website on their "Chris Jubic / QARR Bashing Page;

Update December 2010:

Tamara wants her mule back...

From: t g
Date: 12/3/2010 11:30:52 PM
Subject: mules in Ny "Chris"

The buckskin mule gelding Chris said would have a great home and if she
could not keep him i would take him back .she only took him for a companion
for the jenny mule " honey. I am Danny's owner and wold like to know where
he is. please let we know. As Chris's number and address is wrong she gave
me, Thanks

From: Beth :)
Subject: Re: mules in Ny "Chris"
To: "t g"
Date: Saturday, December 4, 2010, 9:07 AM

Chris JUBIC????

From: t g
Date: 12/4/2010 12:16:15 PM
To: Beth

Subject: Re: mules in Ny "Chris"

Yes it was chris JUBIC out of NY. do you know where he is and if he is okay
i raised him from a baby.i don't want to see him at auction.

From our website re: the mules;


Last year we adopted out two mules to a couple from HARTFORD, NY, who
called themselves "LONG-EARRED EXPRESS". The two individuals are
named GERTRUDE "Gerty" PANCUSHEK (aka Karen?) and her partner,
STEVEN WOODELL. They adopted the two mules under written contract
and we have just recently found out that THEY SOLD THEM! All attempts to
reach them have failed. We are in the process of commencing a case against them
in the Hartford, NY small claims court, - but will have to FIND them first! .

ANYONE knowing or having information about the whereabouts of these PEOPLE
or the MULES , please contact us. .

Below are some pics of the two mules. "Honey" the mule's name was changed to "Jolene." Honey is a chestnut molly mule (said to possibly be a "hinny.") approximately 8yrs old and stands about 14.2. Honey has a few 'white-hair" scars around the pressure areas where she was used in harness. I believe you can see one in the pic, on her right rear flank. She also has one on the left at the base of her neck. The other mule is a smaller buckskin "quarter-type" pony-mule, a gelding, approx 12HH......his name was Danny, approximately 12 yrs old. . He had "bad feet" in front (pidgon-toed) and a cancerous (?) mole on his rump, both were supposed to have been corrected by the adoptees, but we doubt this was done..

Below: Honey on left, Danny on right

PLEASE if you know anything we would greatly appreciate your sharing,...we
really just want the mules back, or at least, to know that they are safe in a good
home and stand no chance of being abused, neglected or sent to slaughter.....THANKS!

-------------Guess Tamara dosent know that NEER is good for losing track of its animals also, as for example, the FOUR horses QARR turned over to them in March of 2008 that NEER cannot and/or will not tell anyone where they are or how they are;

and of course, there is the case of "Blaze," a horse bailed out from a killbuyers lot by the FOBs and turned over to Beth Hill Ross of NEER who somehow lost track of him. Again,...placed and/or given away with NO CONTRACT

From NEERs own website;

Ed Debatista/'AnCarm Farm and Benji's Barn' New Ipswich NH.
Julie LeDonne/Former Barn Manager, W Newbury MA.

UPDATE: We have finally been notified that Blaze is deceased. ):

NEER sent an older horse named Blaze, pulled from Camelot (with funds
raised mostly by the Friends of Barbaro) to Ed Batista (AnCarm Farm
in New Ipswich NH), with Julie LeDonne/Jewel's Farm, of West Newbury
MA as his barn help. At the time NEER was boarding a horse with Julie,
and trusted her to oversee Blaze. After a falling out with Julie (and
therefore Ed), communication became very sketchy, and we have
been unable to get any info on Blaze for over a year. Additionally
Blaze's former (and legal) owner who was horrified that Blaze ended
up at Camelot, was unable to get any info. Unfortunately, everybody
was friends back then, no written contract...lesson learned. So we have
no legal claim, but we do have proof of the 'transaction'. We did have a
connection to the farm for a while, but it has since been severed by a
bad check. We have made at least 2 calls to the NHSPCA to try to find
Blaze, as well as other sources to possibly check up on him.
We would just like to know that Blaze is ok and being taken care of.

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