Thursday, December 16, 2010

"Voice of the Horse" Says "Dont Go"

Or, "Excuses from EWA"
In regards to the upcoming Summit, received in my in-box today;

Hi, CJ. I hope you are doing well.

You do realize that by attending, they are giving Wallis money to further their cause? They do not want to hear the truth that will prove they are wrong or they would have invited someone from the equine advocacy groups or scientific community to speak. They do not want to hear the studies that prove there is no correlation between neglect and slaughter. They do not want to hear the truth that US horses are not safe for human consumption. The people attending are the cause of horses going to slaughter. We do have a few people attending but even if they are allowed to ask questions or make comments, they will not be heard. You already know what the outcome of the meeting will be. It will be nothing we haven’t heard over the past many years. Why would you want to raise the attendance numbers and give credence to the meeting? It is a bunch of horse haters that profit from horse slaughter and nothing will change their minds. They are a very small voice of the $39B horse industry. Their voice is worth 3 cents on every $100 earned.

Nothing coming out of that meeting is going to change the fact that our horses are not raised as food animals. There is no getting around the drug regulations. For them to have a slaughter plant, they need a national passport system and a mechanism to remove horses from the food chain that have received substances banned by the FDA and EU and they need a market. Unless they are planning on shutting down the racing industry and not using horses for work, service or performing, what horses will they slaughter? Virtually all horses in the US are wormed and receive bute at some point in their life. How many people do you know that have herds of horses standing around in a pasture doing nothing else but eating and waiting to go to slaughter? All wild equidae meat, except zebra meat is prohibited by the EU so their grand plan of slaughtering our Mustangs is not going to happen unless they plan on painting black and white stripes on the wild horses and burros. The wild ones in holding have all been wormed and those with injuries have been treated with bute.

There is nothing on their agenda to discuss the drug issue and that speaks volumes. They don’t want facts. They want to continue repeating the same ol lies they’ve been spewing for years. They have never listened to the truth and they are certainly not going to listen to opposing views at their meeting. They are in control and with no speakers that oppose their view, audience comments will be limited and given no credibility. They even have a session on how to get around and protect themselves against us “radical, tree hugging, vegan activists”.

I would prefer that people give money to Animals’ Angels to continue their investigations or advocacy groups that are trying to change things and/or helping horses. Instead of buying a ticket to Vegas, buy a ticket to DC and meet with legislators to get the horse protection bills passed.

If they wanted to listen to the facts, slaughter would have ended years ago.

Vicki | A Voice for Our Horses

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Vicki, Look at it like this: If rescuers can give $$$ to the KBs to save some horses, why not $$$ to the pros to have our voices heard? After all this is a one time deal, not a business relationship with them....worth it to some to have an anti-slaughter presense there to counteract the BS at the very least. Who cares what the pros do or do not want to hear? It is the undecided ones sitting on the fence and yes, they will be there too. I know we have "heard it all before" but this truley is a unique and "historic" event as is the "1st annual" and there will be more to come if we dont take measures to counter act. It is just the same as when I was encouraging everyone to join the AHC to even out the scales a little on the anti-slaughter can we ever expect them to change if we dont "get in there" with them and "devide and conquor" them?
Vicki all this stuff you are telling me in (this email) we already know, so you are preaching to the choir here. This is the type of factual info we need to fling back at them in the Summit. We must make them hear truth whether it does any good or not....some will see through the BS and at the very least we will be able to say that we were there for the horses to be their TRUE voice that day...

Agree with our going or not,....people are already asking "Where TF are our leaders in this?" So you may want to say something to them in your next article as to why no one from EWA is attending....I think all the mother orgs who have chosen not to go owe the rest of the advocates that...

The pro-slaughters organizations will go on with or without our "one-time" funding them by way of registration fees,...and I DO give to Animal Angels and other worthy orgs but that shouldnt stop me from doing other things,...and I DONT put ANY faith in our legislators for they ALL are a bunch of liars, crooks and thieves. I thought you and your Org would have realized this by now. None of those bills are no good for the horses anyhow. They were all created to give the pro-slaughters and wild horse haters what they want and YOU are supporting them (and the continued death of our horses) by supporting and believing in their phoney bills).

Thanks for caring and am sharing this email with groups.

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Mz.Many Names said...

Also, there is always the option of going to PROTEST which doesnt cost a dime.....for shame on the mother orgs for not attending these protests and for failing to help organize the ones that DO want to go.....