Monday, December 13, 2010

Calling All Pro-Slaughter "Rescues" - "The Load" Wants You on Her PayRoll

United Horsemen Fronting Looking for Rescues to Work With;


We have sent out an email to all the "Known Rescues" we can find asking them to become part of our Rescue/Rejuvination Prgram. Satellite Rescues in our program will be eligible for funding and all horses adopted from these rescues will be eligible for show incentive money and our Rescue Horse-Horse shows.


Bloggers note:

And the equines that are found to be "beyond rescue" will be humanely euthanized by injection and their dead carcasses sold to the nearest rendering plant? Think "NOT." They will be sent off alive to slaughter with a bolt driven through their head. The owners make mo money that way, but an animal has to be alive to sell to slaughter. Sue Wallis and her "United Horsemen Fronting" aint about whats best for the horse, but about whats best for the owner, and what profits them the most.

RAY CHARLES could see that!

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