Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Will "Americans Against Horse Slaughter" be Welcome at The First Annual Horse-Slaughter Convention?

...and will we ever know if someone dosent ask?

The Pro-Slaughter organizers are inviting ALL interested parties to participate; http://www.united-horsemen.org/summit-of-the-horse/summit-agenda/

Do you think any "Americans Against Horse Slaughter" will even bother to ask?


"Americans Against Horse Slaughter" need to call and see if they would be welcome at this "Summit of the Horse" Convention, and if so, will they make reservations to attend?

Sue Wallis
307 685 8248 ranch
307 680 8515 cell

Dave Duquette

541 571 7588

*Booths are available for $500 which include 2 registrations for the Summit

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