Thursday, October 30, 2008

"FOES" Calls Anti-Horse Slaugher "Movement" a Bunch of Whimps & Woosies

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Anti-Horse Slaughter "Movement" Boycotting "Friends of Equines?" Who Needs Ya!

The Horses do!

No support from anti-horse slaughter "movement" for "Friends of Equines" campaigns....

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Friday, October 24, 2008

No "Friends of Equines" for the AQHA World Show?

Great Opportunity to have our voices heard! The AQHA WORLD SHOW In Oklahoma City, coming up Nov. 7th thru 27th,...nearly a whole month of MISSED OPPORTUNITY if some "Freinds of Equines" dont show.

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No Help from the Mother Orgs....

After all these years. This petition has been circulating around now for almost three years, has been sent repeatedly to every mother org "targeted" in the petition. Not only are the mother orgs ignoring it, apparently, by the LACK of signatures on it, the anti-horse slaughter folk are ignoring it too.

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MuleKist Calls Anti-Slaughter Camp Cowards

That is,... lazy, Un-Organized Cowards;

Well most of you know that I been trying to get the anti-horse slaughter "movement" moving, FOR YEARS,...that is, trying to inspire them to go out DEMANDING & DEMONSTRATING for the cause of the horses and ending slaughter, encouraging them to get active. I have even showed them how in DC and Saratoga last summer, with my one woman campaigns that went really well.

All the anti-slaughters seem to want to do is sit around faxing and phoning and emailing representatives and going off to summits once or twice a year and writing articles and rebuttals while waiting for their various bills to pass. I have been met with nothing but opposition and critisism for my "extremist" views! lol I am hardly an extremist, though I do have PASSION for my causes and I think thats what the anti-horse slaughter "movement" is lacking, among other things like UNITY, UNLIMITED devotion to the cause, determination and committment to see it end IMMEDIATELY, to go "one step further" in the "fight," STOP ASKING and start DEMANDING,etc. When will they ever learn? By NOT protesting & demonstrating & DEMANDING they are ALLOWING it to continue.....

"The limits of tyrants are prescribed by the endurance of those whom they oppress. If There Is No Struggle, There Is No Progress"-F. Douglas

How hard do we struggle to end horse slaughter when all we do is ask nicely to have it end? How hard do we struggle when we leave it up to our politicians to decide? Where do YOU personally draw the line in the fight to end horse slaughter, and why?

If you really want to end horse slaughter quickly, get busy and get "moving" for the cause,...ACT UP a little, and have fun too! Its easy, and, believe it or not, it works!

"Continuous effort - not strength or intelligence - is the key to unlocking our potential." - Winston Churchill

It does not require a majority to prevail, but rather an irate, tireless minority keen to set brushfires in people’s minds.”--Samuel Adams

"To stand in silence when we should be protesting makes cowards of us." - Abraham Lincoln

"Whatever your fight, don't be ladylike."
- Mother Jones

"Fight Like Their Lives Depend on It, Cause They Do." - CJ/MK

"I may be a majority of one, but truth is still truth"
- Mahatma Gandhi

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Monday, October 13, 2008

Proposal to Amend the Farm Bill & Economic Stimulus Act

In view of all the "so-called un-wanted" horses being produced and the industries opposition to our anti-horse slaughter efforts, we propose amendments to the Farm Bill & the Economic Stimulus Act that would; with-hold tax-break monies from the BIG TOP 10 breeders/producers of horses and to those who promote their breeding, the various "breed specific" Registries, the Jockey Club & the AQHA, said monies to be put towards a National Registered American Equine Atheletes Rehoming & Retirement Fund, and to remove breeding incentives to be replaced with rewards for responsible breeding and/or breeding DIS-incentives;

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Sunday, October 12, 2008

Pro-Slaughter Horsemen Blame "a Handful of Wealthy TB Owners" for Anti-Slaughter Efforts!

It Never ceases to amaze me how some people can claim to "love" horses and still be ok with the notion of slaughtering them!

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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

QARR v. NEER, et al., UpDate

A Little Dose of Self-Defense in Response to NEERs Smears;

Some of you may remember the four (4) horses QARR had up for adoption on this website. Last spring, as a result of financial difficulties we were experiencing, we turned over ownership of four horses to Beth Hill Ross (fatoldfarmwife) of New England Equine Rescue (NEER.) Persuant to the provisions of NEERS own surrender form we signed, it was implied that NEER would take ownership of the horses and, as specifically stated on that form, "attempt to adopt them out through normal adoption procedures." NEER instead immediately gave the horses away! Who did Beth Hill Ross of NEER give our horses to? Not to worry folks,..(yeah, right) it was another "rescue." So what if no one had ever heard of this rescue before? Not even Beth Hill Ross herself nor any of her "over 600" NEER Yahoo Group Members.

NEER gave our horses to this "rescue" without the benefit of an on-site farm-check PRIOR to the placement with strangers, and without the benefit of a vet or farrier reference check! But worst of all is,...Beth Hill Ross of New England Equine Rescues gave away our horses WITH NO CONTRACTS! No stipulations. Nothing in writing at all to protect them! As far as we know, there was not even an "oral" agreement between the two parties concerning the future of our horses. .

We are currently in the process of initiating a lawsuit in the Federal Court against Beth Hill Ross & NEER for breach of contract. We are going to sue Beth Hill Ross of NEER for a Declaratory Judgment and ask One-Dollar Punative Damages. Its not about money with us. Its about what it has always been about with us; principles, right and wrong, ethics, rescue, and justice.

As a result of this lawsuit, Beth Hill Ross and NEER have engaged in a "smear" campaign against us. In addition to bashing us on the NEER site, sabotaging our petitions and trying to close down our websites, Beth Hill Ross of NEER is joining more and more on-line groups with the specific intent to slander us. She has also created a website specificlly intened to harass us as a parody on one of our own (Nationwide). Lately Beth & her Neer-Sighted friends have outdone themselves and stooped to a new low. They have contacted everyone listed on our old "blacklist" in hopes of gleaning" negative information (fuel for their fires) to use against us. Of course they have found a few new "Neer-Sighted" friends there, as you can imagne, the people on our backlist are mad at us too! Now they and NEER are one big happy QARR bashing family. For this reason we have learned that it is not a good thing to publish a list of your adversaries as other divious- minded individuals like that of Beth Hill Ross of NEER will use it against you. Of couse we are NOT without adversaries AND PROUD OF IT . We tell it like it is and pull no punches in our advocacy. WE ARE FIGHTERS against wrongs and injustices! Many people "dont like us." "Rescues" that are "in-bed" with the killbuyers and turn a blind-eye to auction-house and feedlot neglect & abuses dont like us. "Rescues" that just give horses away with no contracts dont like us. "Rescues" that use expiring contracts dont like us. "Rescues" that are OK with breeding dont like us. Un-Professional, UnDependable, Lying UnCaring Farriers Pretending to be Christian and UnFriendly, Greedy, Compassionless Price Inflating Vets dont like us either because we EXPOSE them too! We build websites and groups "for the greater good" not for evil purposes. We aim to expose these kinds of bad policies and "professional indiscretions." If anybody has any solid evidence that QARR is anything other than DEDICATED & "REAL,"... I challange them to come forward with it and show us what you have.

NEER has created a "Qarr/JubicTruth" web page on their site that they are passing around in hopes of discreditiing us;

They are attempting to twist truths into fablous fiction and wild fantasy. Yes we have confessed to "going broke" and owing "every vet for 100 miles around," but we dont think that in itself is necessarily a bad reflection on us as a rescue or as against our committment to the animals. We actually said that half-in jest and the other half in boast, ....but I guess they didnt "get it." Dosent anybody else in large and small animal rescue owe several vets? Am I the only one with "running accounts?" Do rescues all just stick with one and/or owe none? If so, U R the lucky ones cause we seem to have nothing but bad luck with our "professionals" and we Do still owe a few and YES they will all be paid but they will all just have to wait in line like everybody else until the Chapter 13 Trustee tells us what to

Compelled by all the horror stories we have heard about "animal health professionals," coupled with our own bad experiences with them,...we have built a website to expose some of those indiscretions;

Got a "bad vet or farrier" story you would like to share? Tells us about it and we'll post it on our site;


NEER and their NEER-Sighted Friends are broadcasting out and out lies and gross exaggerations about us, saying to the world that we are hoarders and animal abusers and neglectors who never took the animals to a vet. We have even been accused by Neer-Friends of starving our horses and even "stomping" kittens! Now that is just plain viciousness. Neer-Friends are saying we should never be allowed to own animals ever again,....or computers even, either! ROTFLMAO! Aint that a gas?

The truth is that the most animals we ever had at one time on our 3.5, acres were 4 horses, 3 dogs, 7 cats, 5 hens and a rooster. Does that sound like a hoarder to you? The TRUTH of the matter is that all of our animals were under constant care of one or the other of the vets we owe,...until which time our financial difficulties became such that we could not afford the CONTINUED CARE. We were being buried alive in vet bills so it is rediclious for them to say we didnt vet our animals. We never asked anyone for any money, not ever,..but only asked for help in re-homing some of the animals BEFORE the situation got out of hand. If we are guilty of anything it is for trusting NEER to do the right thing by our horses, never thinking that they would just give them away. We trusted them to honor the provisions of their own surrender form which stated that NEER would "attempt to adopt them through normal adoption procedures." We doubt that any court in the land would agree that just giving them away (even to another so-called rescue) without anything in writing is "normal adoption procedures." Beth Hill Ross of NEER and her Neer-Sighted Friends can talk all they want about PRIOR conditions and events leading up to the transfer,..saying things like what bad "horse mommies" we are, what abusers and neglecters we are, etc. etc.,...but in real-life,.. anything that occurred prior to the moment of the transfer has NO BEARING on the issues in this case. What matters is what is written on the surrender form and what happened to the QARR horses after NEER "took possession of them."

Where are they? How are they? No one seems to know, and if NEER knows, they certainly arent telling anyone. We have been waiting for updates of the QARR horses to appear on their site..... but in the 6 months since NEER "took possession" of the Qarr horses,...there hasent been a word about them. There is another breach of their contract also. They agreed to give us "occasional updates." We are hoping to learn the fate of the QARR horses through the judicial process which will be hitting the courts by Christmas. Stay tuned for updates.

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Do these horses look, starved, abused, or neglected?

Monday, October 6, 2008

Bill is dead but we arent,...are we?

HR 6598 Dead n Stinkin'
& Arkansas Wants New Plant

Our latest bill to end horse slaughter is dead and now, the Arkansas
Horse Counsil wants to build a new horse slaughter plant.

Think it cant happen? Think Arkansas is the only state that cant wait
to jump on the "build a new horse-slaughter plant" bandwagon? Think
again. We are winning the "polite wars" on paper and in the polls
only, meanwhile, we have this mindset (and their money) to contend

Arkansas Horse Counsil Wants Horse Slaughter Plant!

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Fellow Advocates;

Had enough of the "polite" wars? Tired of waiting on our bills to
pass? We have said it before and we'll say it again: We dont need no stinikin' bill to stop the slaughter! Come join our "Friends of Equines" Industry Accountability" Campaign. We are out to hold the industry accountable and to COMPEL THEM to stop
the slaughter of their own right NOW. We are out to DEMAND an end to equine slaughter NOW:

"Power concedes nothing without a demand. It never did and it never will."– Frederick Douglass, African-American abolitionist

Our targets are the American Horse Council, The National Thoroughbred Racing Association, The Jockey Club, the Breed Registries and other "puppy-millers" of the equine world. These are the ones ultimately responsible for the production of the so-called "unwanted" horses. These are the same industrialites claiming a need for slaughter and who are lobby congress against our anti-horse slaughter bills.

*I know what the pro-slaughter BIGWHIGS are saying about some of our
ideas.. I have heard them with my own ears while on our DC and Saratoga Campaigns. We also got word from some of our spies inside the enemy camps. Word is that they are calling us dangerous. They say there will be hell for them to pay if any of our ideas catch on. What say you?

Read more about our campaigns here;

Friends of Equines FOES of Equine Slaughter
Dont Get Sad Get MAD
"Kicking Ass for the Equines!"

"Whatever Your Fight, Dont be LadyLike!"
-Mother Jones

"Fight Like Their Lives Depend on It, Cause They Do." -


"There are thousands hacking at the branches of evil and too few
striking at the root."

---Henry David Thoreau

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Committee C's Thru Pro-Slaughter BS

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to the House Judiciary Committee by the Pro-Slaughter industrialists
in opposition to HR 6598

The Pro-Slaughters Letter to Congress;

Lamar Smith.
Bob Goodlatte.
Steve King.
Jim Jordan

And read below where:



Opponents of this bill have argued that horse slaughter is a necessary evil, and that without it, the horses that would have been slaughtered will be abandoned or neglected, leading to another and worse form of cruelty to horses. The available evidence, however, does not support this assertion. Between 1990 and 1995, the number of horses slaughtered in the United States decreased from 345,700 to 109, 225. By 2001, the number of horses slaughtered in the United States or exported for slaughter had dropped to only 79, 734. 7

[Footnote] During this time, there was no reported epidemic of unwanted horses resulting from the decreased number of horses being slaughtered.

[Footnote 7: Humane Society Equine Slaughter Table, supra note 2.]

According to a 2002 United States Department of Agriculture report, 92.3% of the horses arriving at two Texas slaughter plants arrived in good condition. 8

[Footnote] They were not the `unwanted' sick, old, or starving horses. This statistic comports with common sense: healthy animals maximize the amount of meat processed per horse and help insure that the meat will be of good quality and safe for human consumption. Thus, the proportion of currently slaughtered horses that fall into the category of `unwanted' sick or old horses would appear to be small.

[Footnote 8: R. Timothy Cordes, D.V.M. and Betsy J. Stillers, Technical Coordinators, U.S.D.A. Guidebook for USDA's Slaughter Horse Transport Program, January 2002, at 5.]

The corollary of the opponents' argument regarding unwanted horses is that horse slaughter for human consumption is a humane form of euthanasia. Again, the available evidence does not support this claim. The previously described `puntilla' slaughter method used at many slaughterhouses in Mexico could never be considered humane. As described by Dr. Dodman, Director of Animal Behavior Department of Clinical Sciences at Tufts' Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine, `No ethical veterinarian, faced with a client who has a horse that is old, sick, or otherwise no longer wanted, would suggest that the horse in question should be put on a truck and hauled thousands of miles to slaughter. Instead, the veterinarian would most likely suggest truly humane euthanasia via chemical injection, after which the carcass can be composted, buried, incinerated, sent to landfill or rendered.' 9

[Footnote] The shot could be performed by any veterinarian at the farm, ranch, or racetrack.

[Footnote 9: Written testimony of Dr. Dodman at 2, submitted for the Crime, Terrorism, and Homeland Security Subcommittee hearing on July 31, 2008.]

The Committee received many letters from horse rescue organizations across the country, repeatedly telling the same experience of attempting to buy horses at auctions and getting out-bid by `killer-buyers' from the horse slaughterhouses. Based on these and other letters, testimony received at our hearing, and countless phone calls and conversations with other interested stakeholders, it appears to the Committee that there is a strongly committed community of horse rescue and sanctuary organizations, farmers, horse owners, and other entities and persons that are willing and able to assist with any `unwanted' horses that may result from this legislation. Large organizations such as the National Black Farmers Association, Animal Welfare Institute, and the Humane Society of the United States also have pledged to work with their members to find homes for any `unwanted horses.'

Horse slaughter for human consumption is a business. It is motivated by economic forces, not altruistic ones. In the Committee's opinion, the equities balance in favor of this legislation. We know for certain that if we do nothing, hundreds of thousands of horses will meet cruel and inhumane deaths at foreign slaughterhouses; if we pass this legislation, we save horses from suffering this same fate in the future. There may be unintended adverse consequences for a small percentage of these horses; but we are confident that the supporters of this bill--which are many and varied--are sincere about their commitment to the welfare of all horses.

Cong. Summary;

Suffolk Downs Enforces Slaughter Ban

by Steve Myrick

Suffolk Downs has taken action to enforce its policy of zero-tolerance toward the sale of racehorses for slaughter.

Track officials recently informed a Thoroughbred owner, who they would not identify, that he was no longer welcome at the track after two horses associated with him were discovered at the auction pens at New Holland, Pennsylvania.

Suffolk officials also are sorting through their response to another individual who may be involved in the transport of horses to auctions frequented by slaughterhouse buyers.

“The vast majority of our horsemen are responsible about the welfare of our horses,” said Chip Tuttle, chief operating officer at Suffolk Downs. “Unfortunately, there are one or two bad apples. We hoped we wouldn't have to take action on this policy, but in the last two weeks, it came to our attention that two horses from Suffolk Downs wound up at an auction. The owner who transported them is no longer welcome at our facility.”

Tuttle said the track purchased the two horses from the auction and donated them to the Thoroughbred Retirement Foundation. Tuttle stressed that the incident was a rare exception to the prevailing attitude of local horsemen. He cited the New England Horsemen’s Benevolent and Protective Association leadership's strong support of the zero-tolerance policy.

Sam Elliott, vice president of racing for the Boston track, outlined the policy earlier this year, and it has since attracted attention across the industry. Trainer Nick Zito cited his support for the policy as a factor in entering Commentator in the Massachusetts Handicap on Saturday.

Steve Myrick is a Massachusetts-based Thoroughbred Times correspondent
Track officials recently informed a Thoroughbred owner, who they would not identify, that he was no longer welcome at the track after two horses associated with him were discovered at the auction pens at New Holland, Pennsylvania.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

BLM 2 Contract Convicted Horse Thief & Killer for Wild Horse Removal

By: Newsroom Associate

Last Modified: 9/26/2008 2:54:58 PM

Lakeview, Oregon - The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS) is preparing for a helicopter round-up of wild horses at the Sheldon National Wildlife Refuge in Northwestern Nevada, beginning the week of September 22nd; a removal that wild horse advocates including In Defense of Animals (IDA) and Return To Freedom (RTF) say is ill-timed, unnecessary, and inhumane.

Shockingly, the FWS is again contracting with its long-time horse gatherer, Dave Cattoor, who was found guilty in 1992 of "hunting for purposes of capturing and killing wild, unbranded horses on public land" from a helicopter, and conspiring with an Indian tribe to truck them and sell them for slaughter to Great Western Meats in Morton, Texas. (Details of Cattoor's conviction can be found in the federal grand jury indictment and guilty plea, available upon request.)

"The government has absolutely no business contracting with a horse thief and this misguided action is a gross breach of the public trust," said Dr. Elliot Katz, In Defense of Animals' president.

With Sheldon's wild horses and other wildlife thriving on the refuge, advocacy organizations In Defense of Animals (IDA) and Return to Freedom Wild Horse Sanctuary (RTF) call FWS's decision to remove horses irresponsible mismanagement. This round-up comes after years of ignoring proposals for humane management alternatives that would help the FWS achieve their goals of reducing horse populations over the long term, and follows a recent announcement by the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) that the agency may make the decision to kill up to 30,000 wild horses in their long-term holding facilities, claiming they can neither afford to feed them or find enough adoptive homes.

"It is ethically irresponsible to round up any horses at this time when tens of thousands of America's wild horses are in BLM long-term holding facilities with nowhere to go, probably facing a bullet," according to Neda DeMayo, founder and president of Return to Freedom.

Payments for this round-up will add to the more than $700,000 that Cattoor has already received in government contracts in fiscal year 2008 for rounding up wild equines and a staggering $13.4 million he has pocketed since 2000.

IDA recently confirmed with Paul Steblein, FWS Project Manager at the Sheldon Refuge, that humane observers will be permitted at any future round-ups. IDA is arranging independent experts to watch the process; particularly important in light of eyewitness reports of inhumane handling of wild horses during a 2006 Sheldon round-up that observers alleged resulted in the death and near-death by dehydration of both foals and horses.

Newsroom Associate
Staff Writer

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Thursday, October 2, 2008

"The Dorf" tells MuleKist "Cease & Desist" but MuleKist Says "No Way!"

Received via email from Hollendorfer Stables on Sept. 30, 2008, waiting for the hard copy to come;


Christine A. Jubic
Friends of Equines, Foes of Equine Slaughter
118 River Rd.
Johnsonville, NY 12094

Re: Jerry Hollendorfer and Hollendorfer Racing Stables

Dear Ms. Jubic:

We represent Jerry Hollendorfer and Hollendorfer Racing Stables.
I call your attention to your website,

and the petition drive against Mr. Hollendorfer, wherein you are trying to damage Mr. Hollendorfer's
reputation in the horse industry with slanderous comments. We demand that you and your organization,
"Friends of Equines, Foes of Equine Slaughter," retract your statements immediately and publicly
apologize for the statement as well as to immediately stop the petition drive you are conducting. If you do
not do so, we will file suit against you and your organization for defamation of character and
intentional infliction of emotional distress, seeking all damages available under the law, including punitive damages.

Based on your website and petition drive, it is clear you are aware that Mr. Hollendorfer is a horse trainer of some repute. As part
of your petition drive, you make several incorrect and slanderous comments about Mr. Hollendorfer involving the care of a horse called Heavenly Perfect. You falsely claim that Mr. Hollendorfer raced Heavenly Perfect on May 13, 2008,
knowing that she had laminitis, a hoof disease, as well as other fractures and chips to the knees and joints. You also falsely reported that Mr. Hollendorfer sold Heavenly Perfect at a "kill auction" on May 23, 2008. Your reporting was clearly done with actual (and misdirected) malice including statements such as: "Trainer of the Year Runs Horse to Death," "Jerry Hollendorfer Runs Foundered Horse Near to Death and Sends Her Off to Slaughter," that Mr. Hollendorfer "tortured" Heavenly Perfect by "forcing her to race time and time again knowing she was not fit to race," and that Mr.Hollendorfer is your "International Posterboy of Racehorse Cruelty." Your petition drive also encourages others to spread your false comments about Mr. Hollendorfer. In reviewing the comments of those who signed your petition drive, it is clear that your slanderous comments are having the desired effect of besmirching Mr. Hollendorfer's good name and reputation in the horse industry. Contrary to your assertions, Mr. Hollendorfer provides the utmost care and treatment to all the horses he trains, including Heavenly Perfect. Therefore, the untrue and defamatory comments you have made about Mr. Hollendorfer are particularly offensive and reprehensible to him. Also, contrary to the statements you are spreading on your website petition, Mr. Hollendorfer only raced Heavenly Perfect
four times in over two years, and never while she while she was injured. In May 2008, Mr. Hollendorfer gave her to a Mr. Ed Harvey, who stated he was purchasing her as a pleasure horse or brood mare. Mr.Harvey, not Mr. Hollendorfer, was the one who apparently then sold her to what you are claiming was a "kill auction." Mr.Hollendorfer had absolutely no involvement with that sale. We therefore demand that you remove any defamatory comments about Mr. Hollendorfer from your website, to withdraw your petition, and to issue a formal retraction in the manner required by Section 48a(3) of the California Civil Code. Please do so by October 24 or we will file suit.

Very truly yours,

J an H. Hurricane

Cc: Jerry Hollendorfer
John Worden

----------end of warning;

Bloggers Note: I just hope the Hollendorfer Camp remembers where the "burden of proof" lies in this case, and it most certainly is not upon us "Friends of Equines!"

Petition for Heavely Perfect Going Round Again;
You all remember the Hollindorfer / Heavenly Perfect "Friends of
Equines," petition that was going around last summer? Well, we have
over 1,000 signatures but we still havent met our goal, so we are
passing it around again, and telling Jerry Hollindorfer that "the
truth will set him free!"

Click on title above to see and sign the petition. If you already signed
we thank you and encourgage you to
pass it around to you friends.


Friend of Equines