Wednesday, October 8, 2008

QARR v. NEER, et al., UpDate

A Little Dose of Self-Defense in Response to NEERs Smears;

Some of you may remember the four (4) horses QARR had up for adoption on this website. Last spring, as a result of financial difficulties we were experiencing, we turned over ownership of four horses to Beth Hill Ross (fatoldfarmwife) of New England Equine Rescue (NEER.) Persuant to the provisions of NEERS own surrender form we signed, it was implied that NEER would take ownership of the horses and, as specifically stated on that form, "attempt to adopt them out through normal adoption procedures." NEER instead immediately gave the horses away! Who did Beth Hill Ross of NEER give our horses to? Not to worry folks,..(yeah, right) it was another "rescue." So what if no one had ever heard of this rescue before? Not even Beth Hill Ross herself nor any of her "over 600" NEER Yahoo Group Members.

NEER gave our horses to this "rescue" without the benefit of an on-site farm-check PRIOR to the placement with strangers, and without the benefit of a vet or farrier reference check! But worst of all is,...Beth Hill Ross of New England Equine Rescues gave away our horses WITH NO CONTRACTS! No stipulations. Nothing in writing at all to protect them! As far as we know, there was not even an "oral" agreement between the two parties concerning the future of our horses. .

We are currently in the process of initiating a lawsuit in the Federal Court against Beth Hill Ross & NEER for breach of contract. We are going to sue Beth Hill Ross of NEER for a Declaratory Judgment and ask One-Dollar Punative Damages. Its not about money with us. Its about what it has always been about with us; principles, right and wrong, ethics, rescue, and justice.

As a result of this lawsuit, Beth Hill Ross and NEER have engaged in a "smear" campaign against us. In addition to bashing us on the NEER site, sabotaging our petitions and trying to close down our websites, Beth Hill Ross of NEER is joining more and more on-line groups with the specific intent to slander us. She has also created a website specificlly intened to harass us as a parody on one of our own (Nationwide). Lately Beth & her Neer-Sighted friends have outdone themselves and stooped to a new low. They have contacted everyone listed on our old "blacklist" in hopes of gleaning" negative information (fuel for their fires) to use against us. Of course they have found a few new "Neer-Sighted" friends there, as you can imagne, the people on our backlist are mad at us too! Now they and NEER are one big happy QARR bashing family. For this reason we have learned that it is not a good thing to publish a list of your adversaries as other divious- minded individuals like that of Beth Hill Ross of NEER will use it against you. Of couse we are NOT without adversaries AND PROUD OF IT . We tell it like it is and pull no punches in our advocacy. WE ARE FIGHTERS against wrongs and injustices! Many people "dont like us." "Rescues" that are "in-bed" with the killbuyers and turn a blind-eye to auction-house and feedlot neglect & abuses dont like us. "Rescues" that just give horses away with no contracts dont like us. "Rescues" that use expiring contracts dont like us. "Rescues" that are OK with breeding dont like us. Un-Professional, UnDependable, Lying UnCaring Farriers Pretending to be Christian and UnFriendly, Greedy, Compassionless Price Inflating Vets dont like us either because we EXPOSE them too! We build websites and groups "for the greater good" not for evil purposes. We aim to expose these kinds of bad policies and "professional indiscretions." If anybody has any solid evidence that QARR is anything other than DEDICATED & "REAL,"... I challange them to come forward with it and show us what you have.

NEER has created a "Qarr/JubicTruth" web page on their site that they are passing around in hopes of discreditiing us;

They are attempting to twist truths into fablous fiction and wild fantasy. Yes we have confessed to "going broke" and owing "every vet for 100 miles around," but we dont think that in itself is necessarily a bad reflection on us as a rescue or as against our committment to the animals. We actually said that half-in jest and the other half in boast, ....but I guess they didnt "get it." Dosent anybody else in large and small animal rescue owe several vets? Am I the only one with "running accounts?" Do rescues all just stick with one and/or owe none? If so, U R the lucky ones cause we seem to have nothing but bad luck with our "professionals" and we Do still owe a few and YES they will all be paid but they will all just have to wait in line like everybody else until the Chapter 13 Trustee tells us what to

Compelled by all the horror stories we have heard about "animal health professionals," coupled with our own bad experiences with them,...we have built a website to expose some of those indiscretions;

Got a "bad vet or farrier" story you would like to share? Tells us about it and we'll post it on our site;


NEER and their NEER-Sighted Friends are broadcasting out and out lies and gross exaggerations about us, saying to the world that we are hoarders and animal abusers and neglectors who never took the animals to a vet. We have even been accused by Neer-Friends of starving our horses and even "stomping" kittens! Now that is just plain viciousness. Neer-Friends are saying we should never be allowed to own animals ever again,....or computers even, either! ROTFLMAO! Aint that a gas?

The truth is that the most animals we ever had at one time on our 3.5, acres were 4 horses, 3 dogs, 7 cats, 5 hens and a rooster. Does that sound like a hoarder to you? The TRUTH of the matter is that all of our animals were under constant care of one or the other of the vets we owe,...until which time our financial difficulties became such that we could not afford the CONTINUED CARE. We were being buried alive in vet bills so it is rediclious for them to say we didnt vet our animals. We never asked anyone for any money, not ever,..but only asked for help in re-homing some of the animals BEFORE the situation got out of hand. If we are guilty of anything it is for trusting NEER to do the right thing by our horses, never thinking that they would just give them away. We trusted them to honor the provisions of their own surrender form which stated that NEER would "attempt to adopt them through normal adoption procedures." We doubt that any court in the land would agree that just giving them away (even to another so-called rescue) without anything in writing is "normal adoption procedures." Beth Hill Ross of NEER and her Neer-Sighted Friends can talk all they want about PRIOR conditions and events leading up to the transfer,..saying things like what bad "horse mommies" we are, what abusers and neglecters we are, etc. etc.,...but in real-life,.. anything that occurred prior to the moment of the transfer has NO BEARING on the issues in this case. What matters is what is written on the surrender form and what happened to the QARR horses after NEER "took possession of them."

Where are they? How are they? No one seems to know, and if NEER knows, they certainly arent telling anyone. We have been waiting for updates of the QARR horses to appear on their site..... but in the 6 months since NEER "took possession" of the Qarr horses,...there hasent been a word about them. There is another breach of their contract also. They agreed to give us "occasional updates." We are hoping to learn the fate of the QARR horses through the judicial process which will be hitting the courts by Christmas. Stay tuned for updates.

Click on title above to see pics and page all the way down;

Do these horses look, starved, abused, or neglected?

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