Thursday, October 2, 2008

"The Dorf" tells MuleKist "Cease & Desist" but MuleKist Says "No Way!"

Received via email from Hollendorfer Stables on Sept. 30, 2008, waiting for the hard copy to come;


Christine A. Jubic
Friends of Equines, Foes of Equine Slaughter
118 River Rd.
Johnsonville, NY 12094

Re: Jerry Hollendorfer and Hollendorfer Racing Stables

Dear Ms. Jubic:

We represent Jerry Hollendorfer and Hollendorfer Racing Stables.
I call your attention to your website,

and the petition drive against Mr. Hollendorfer, wherein you are trying to damage Mr. Hollendorfer's
reputation in the horse industry with slanderous comments. We demand that you and your organization,
"Friends of Equines, Foes of Equine Slaughter," retract your statements immediately and publicly
apologize for the statement as well as to immediately stop the petition drive you are conducting. If you do
not do so, we will file suit against you and your organization for defamation of character and
intentional infliction of emotional distress, seeking all damages available under the law, including punitive damages.

Based on your website and petition drive, it is clear you are aware that Mr. Hollendorfer is a horse trainer of some repute. As part
of your petition drive, you make several incorrect and slanderous comments about Mr. Hollendorfer involving the care of a horse called Heavenly Perfect. You falsely claim that Mr. Hollendorfer raced Heavenly Perfect on May 13, 2008,
knowing that she had laminitis, a hoof disease, as well as other fractures and chips to the knees and joints. You also falsely reported that Mr. Hollendorfer sold Heavenly Perfect at a "kill auction" on May 23, 2008. Your reporting was clearly done with actual (and misdirected) malice including statements such as: "Trainer of the Year Runs Horse to Death," "Jerry Hollendorfer Runs Foundered Horse Near to Death and Sends Her Off to Slaughter," that Mr. Hollendorfer "tortured" Heavenly Perfect by "forcing her to race time and time again knowing she was not fit to race," and that Mr.Hollendorfer is your "International Posterboy of Racehorse Cruelty." Your petition drive also encourages others to spread your false comments about Mr. Hollendorfer. In reviewing the comments of those who signed your petition drive, it is clear that your slanderous comments are having the desired effect of besmirching Mr. Hollendorfer's good name and reputation in the horse industry. Contrary to your assertions, Mr. Hollendorfer provides the utmost care and treatment to all the horses he trains, including Heavenly Perfect. Therefore, the untrue and defamatory comments you have made about Mr. Hollendorfer are particularly offensive and reprehensible to him. Also, contrary to the statements you are spreading on your website petition, Mr. Hollendorfer only raced Heavenly Perfect
four times in over two years, and never while she while she was injured. In May 2008, Mr. Hollendorfer gave her to a Mr. Ed Harvey, who stated he was purchasing her as a pleasure horse or brood mare. Mr.Harvey, not Mr. Hollendorfer, was the one who apparently then sold her to what you are claiming was a "kill auction." Mr.Hollendorfer had absolutely no involvement with that sale. We therefore demand that you remove any defamatory comments about Mr. Hollendorfer from your website, to withdraw your petition, and to issue a formal retraction in the manner required by Section 48a(3) of the California Civil Code. Please do so by October 24 or we will file suit.

Very truly yours,

J an H. Hurricane

Cc: Jerry Hollendorfer
John Worden

----------end of warning;

Bloggers Note: I just hope the Hollendorfer Camp remembers where the "burden of proof" lies in this case, and it most certainly is not upon us "Friends of Equines!"

Petition for Heavely Perfect Going Round Again;
You all remember the Hollindorfer / Heavenly Perfect "Friends of
Equines," petition that was going around last summer? Well, we have
over 1,000 signatures but we still havent met our goal, so we are
passing it around again, and telling Jerry Hollindorfer that "the
truth will set him free!"

Click on title above to see and sign the petition. If you already signed
we thank you and encourgage you to
pass it around to you friends.


Friend of Equines

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