Sunday, October 11, 2009

"Galloping" to the Rescue w/ a Gallup Poll

So we have been telling our representatives in Congress that most Americans are against horse slaughter,....but what have we to prove to them that what we are saying is true? And with so many organizations against us with so much lobbying power in DC - isnt it time for us to actually PROVE to them with cold-hard facts that what we are saying is true..... how then, can they continue to ignore us, "the will of the people?" Isnt it time for a Gallup poll? I wonder.....could we compel them to do it and if so, how much would it cost?

Click on title above to go to the Gallup Poll site; Maybe if they got enough emails from us they would consider doing an "American Horse Slaughter" poll - maybe they will do it for free? Doesnt hurt to ask.

Update: I received an email from an anti-horse slaughter advocate who thinks taking a National poll at this time would be risky for our cause. Her concern was that with all the pro-slaughter propaganda floating around, that people will believe the hype and come out on the pro-slaughter side. I am thinking, based on my own experiences with talking to people on the streets about it (while handing out flyers) that most people arent even aware that American horses are being slaughtered for human consumption abroad, and when they find out they are appalled and are definately against it "like eating our cats or dogs" they likein it. These "clean slate" minds outnumber by far, I am sure, the ones that have been tained by the pro-slaughter propaganda and who have already made up their minds. I think NOW is the time for a reliable National poll. What say you?

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Anonymous said...

10-11-2009 Horse Slaughter is only "necessary" for those lazy subhuman "professed" horse people who profit from such. AQHA is one organization. Also Donna Ewing fits in that category as well. Shame, shame on you!

Betty Kelly,
Carson City NV 89704