Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Alabama "Equine Producers" Anxious to Kill Productions

"Can't Beat Our Meat,.well, NOT YET, anyways."

The Alabama Farmers Federation Equine Producers Division Works to Bring Back Horse Slaughter in USA

Composed of horse "producers" and owners from throughout the state, the Equine Division represents these "producers" on a national, state and local level with committees in more than 40 Alabama counties.

Equine producers and owners who make up these committees come together at the local level and develop policies and program ideas to address their needs and concerns. Those policies are then discussed at the state level and may be transformed into state and national initiatives by the organization

Faces of your "Product" torn from their skulls, hearts still beating, America DOES NOT WANT your "product!"

and something for you to sit and spin on, while you think about that,...greedy ba$T@Rd$;

Click on title above to go to the "Alabama Equine Producers" website (Geeze, they dont even call it "breeding" anymore,...just like slaughter isnt slaughter anymore, the pro-slaughters renamed it "harvesting,"...trying to sanitize the un-necessary evil of horse slaughter ; Talk about "spin!" http://www.alfafarmers.org/commodities/equine.phtml

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