Sunday, March 14, 2010

Ill. Legislators Change Mind about Horse Slaughter


Illinois Bill to Restore Horse Slaughter Withdrawn for Lack of Support

Springfield, IL (March 11, 2010) Yesterday State Representative Jim Sacia (R Freeport) pulled his bill to legalize horse slaughter from the agenda for this legislative session. The Animal Welfare Institute (AWI) appreciates his recognition of horse slaughter as a controversial issue and his decision to withdraw it from consideration.

This was the third time in as many years that Representative Sacia had introduced legislation aimed at overturning the states widely supported ban on horse slaughter. In the two previous years, the House voted against his proposal. Support for maintaining the ban remains strong with the Illinois General Assembly and the Governor.

We are much relieved by Representative Sacias decision. We look forward to working together with all the members of the Illinois General Assembly on ways to improve the welfare of horses in the state, said Chris Heyde, deputy director of Government and Legal Affairs for AWI. "We are looking at positive options and slaughter is certainly not the right step."

For More Information:
Chris Heyde, 202-337-2332


Hi Chris

Thanks for not answering ANY of my numberous telephone calls to you concerning BLMs assault on Nevadas Seaman, White River and Caliente Wild Horse & Burro Herds last summer. We were in a frenzy wondering what we could do (besides the usual stuff) in an attempt to stop their plan of extinction. This was gather that permanently removed (zeroed-out) 11 different herds compromising of over 600 horses and involving a loss of over a million acres of wild horse land. Guess that wasent important enough to warrant even an acknowledgement from you that you got my messages....I know you were busy hob-nobbing down there in your DC circles as is your usual want to do. Why is AWI NOT not suing the bastard BLM for STATUTORY NULLIFICATION which is an issue of the utmost Constitutional proportions.

In response to your PRESS RELEASE above,

Here are two (2) "positive NO-BRAINER options" to reducing the so-called "un-wanted" horse population. *Bearing in mind that so called "unwanted" horses make up only 1% of the 9.3M horses in this country,....(that is why I dont see how an "overpopulation" of 1% of anything could rationally be argued (even remotely) as problematic.

..anyway, there are easy cures to reduce that 1% down to 0

1. Strictly Regulate Breeding and

2. Tax Every Birth, Transaction, Entry Free, Para-Mutual Ticket, Registration, Sale or anything to do with "exploiting horses,"... and Put that $$$$ into a General Rehab & Retirement Fund upon which the rescues can draw as needed.

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