Monday, June 28, 2010

Killbuyer Makes Killing Off of Rescuers Sympathetic Cash

Got the news today that a horse rescuer bought six horses from a kill-buyer (Charlie Carter?; )
saving them from the prospect of being shipped to slaughter, I say a "possible" trip because not all horses owned by killbuyers actually do go to slaughter. Naturally they are going to try to sell off some of their better ones to get "the biggest bang" for their investment. They are, after all, businessmen and horse-traders as well as meat-marketeers' too. They are not going to bring a "saleable" horse to slaughter if they can get more for it as a riding or breeding horse. If a killbuyer cant sell the horse casually to one of his own friends or acquaintances, then chances are that horse will go to slaughter, and thats where the rescues come in. The killbuyers love the rescuers and play greatly on their sympathies, ...the more sympathy the rescuers show for a particular horse, the more money can be gleaned from them. For instance, the story today comes from Zumas Blog;
Here you will learn that a killbuyer bought a bunch of horses at auction for about $150.00 each. The rescuers wanted to purchase six (6) of these horses from the killbuyers, and did so, sure, no problem. The KBs LOVE those "parking lot" deals. The killbuyer charged them $600 a horse. So the killbuyer paid $900 for the 6 horses altogether, and sold them to the rescuers for $3,600, which netted him a quick fast and easy $2,700 profit. So yes, six horses are safe now, in good hands, (except for one in such bad shape it had to be euthanized) and you may say well worth the $$$$ spent , and be that as it may. But think of how many "cheap" horses that $3,600 would have saved! The down side to dealing with killbuyers is that the rescues invloved with them only serve to enrich the killbuyers, and makes the despicable business even more lucrative for them,...when in fact the idea is supposed to be to shut the killers down for good for their infamous cruelties and violations of many laws!
Two questions come to my mind right away, and number one is this; if the horses were being sold at auction that day and were bringing only $150 each,....why werent the rescuers there, at the auction house, fervently BIDDING AGAINST the Killers? They most certainly could have, and would have probably gotten them much cheaper too! Just think of how many $150-$200 horses that $3,600 would have saved!
My number two question is this: How much animal cruelty, abuse or neglect have they witnessed at these auction houses of horror or in the killbuyers feedlots that they did not report, and why?
Apparently these feedlot rescuers have no care that the auction house and feedlot cruelty and violations continue on as they carry on their business with the KBs, nor do they care there are DOZENS of other ways to save endangered horses with out having to "get near" a KB let alone crawl in bed with them.
Hearts in right place - Heads on Wrong (Up Ass) . Stop thinking with your heart, use your head. Have no dealings with the killbuyers UNLESS you are working to shut them down or at least make them operate by the rules. GET TOUGH with them like they are tough with the horses and with you! Tell them to GIVE you the horses you want or you will dedicate your life to shutting them down for their GROSS violations of law!Do anything you can to SHUT THEM DOWN - instead of helping them to thrive!
Be not the grease for the cogs of the horses-t0-slaughter machine. Do not lubricate it with your "sympathetic cash" to the KBs. Stop greasing the wheels of their bloody war machines and work more towards dismantling them. It wouldnt take much you know, to drive them right out of business, if we insisted they work within the law, if we kept a better eye on them, if we reported their abuses more. Give them the good swift kick in the ass that they so badly need, instead of shaking their hands or patting them on the backs, calling them "business partners" or "friends," and even partying with them after-hours after all the dirty dealing is done.

Consorting with the enemy in times of war is a treasonable offense, of which there is NO defense.
Focus your energies on reporting auction house and KB feedlot abuse, there is enough of it going round to give you plenty of ammo to complain,....file enough complaints and push for full prosecution to make them operate within the law or shut the Mother F***ers down! You wont Regret it;
As ALL equines will benefit then.

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