Thursday, February 24, 2011

Oregons Anti-Horse-Tripping Bill Tabled

Sue Wallis, Dave Duquette from "United Horsemen Fronting" take credit for this;

"Victory over Animal Rights Forces"

Anti-rodeo Senate Bill 613 declared dead

(SALEM, OREGON)-The Oregon Senate Committee on Environment and Natural Resources announced today it has nixed a public hearing scheduled for Thursday, February 24 on Senate Bill 613. The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS)-backed initiative was aimed at wiping out Oregon's thriving rodeo tradition by banning the roping of livestock. Legislative leaders said the measure also lacked support in the Oregon House of Representatives, and lawmakers will not address SB 613 again this session.

The so-called "horse tripping" bill would have outlawed the archaic practice of roping horses by the legs, causing them to crash violently to the ground. "Tripping" of horses was voluntarily banned by the Charro Rodeo Association in 1995. Some Oregon rodeos, such as the historic Jordan Valley Big Loop Rodeo, still include horse roping among the event lineup. However, strict rules safeguard the horses' welfare, disqualifying contestants who mistreat a horse or cause it to fall.

"No rodeo event in Oregon condones, or conducts, horse tripping. Oregon has comprehensive laws in place to protect animals. This bill was totally unnecessary. It was nothing more than a first step by HSUS to ban all roping of all animals in our state," Dave Duquette, United Horsemen CEO and President, said.
"Horses are livestock, and if this bill had become law, it would have set the precedent for making it illegal to rope a cow. After all, they're both livestock - what's the difference between horses' legs and cows' legs?" he added.

United Horsemen members called, wrote and e-mailed their Oregon Senators to let them know the truth about the misleading bill. They were joined by other SB 613 opponents, including the American Quarter Horse Association, the Oregon Quarter Horse Association, the Professional Rodeo Cowboys' Association, the Pendleton Round-Up and many other rodeo directors, supporters and horsemen from around Oregon and the Northwest.

Duquette emphasized the need to remain vigilant against other HSUS-backed legislation. "The HSUS goal is to gradually pick away at owners' rights to decide what is best for our horses and livestock," Duquette said. "They hide their agenda behind pretty language about protecting animals. But we are finally starting to educate the public about what is behind the curtain. Oregonians are too smart to fall for the misleading HSUS rhetoric. Those of us who love horses, livestock and the Western lifestyle need to work together to preserve our heritage and the right to decide what is best for our animals."

An excerpt from an email circulated by HSUS' Oregon Director, Scott Beckstead, in response to the news that SB 613 had been killed:
"We will continue to carefully monitor both the Big Loop rodeos in eastern Oregon, as well as the clandestine charro rodeos in other areas... Rest assured this bill will be sponsored again in the next session, and we will not stop trying until we finally get the law passed..."


Anonymous said...

they can try to justify it all they want. funny how they twisted the wording of the bill to "hurt" their way of life. It had nothing to do with private matters. just horse roping in a competitive state. oh well next time Im sure it will prevail. there are no rodeos in the winter so no loss.

Ronnie said...

Dave Duquette...& friends, esp. from Wyoming, are on a roll to blackball HSUS. At the recent "Summit of the Horse," (Misnomer: Summit was all anti-horse) Las Vegas, Jan. 2011, over & over speeches & comments against the HSUS. One would think the convention was named, "Summit of the HSUS!" Fear is running out of the mouths of Duguette & friends. They know how powerful, effective and just the HSUS is in finding and fighting cruelty to our animals. The HSUS is most effective in prosecuting and getting anti-cruelty bills ON-THE-TABLE in DC and individual states. Thank you HSUS!

Anonymous said...

I have seen the bigpoopers and their sadistic treatment of these young innocent horses up front,If they call that their"way of life"then they need to be in jail for life for the pain and suffering they inflict on these horses.It was disgusting,We tried to get them to stop and the cowboys threatened us.I will NOT stop either till this is BANNED FOREVER.Their were dead horses lyin gunconcious or possibly dead as the tripping continued, watched them cattle prod a baby horse uop its but and all over its face while kicking hitting and yelling at it before they let it out of the chute, it ran so hard and fast in its destitute chance for escape and crashed through the panels at the other end of the arena nearly braking its neck, it fel to the ground tangled in the panel gate thrashing in shock and pain, I dont know if its neck was broken but I wished the big asshole on the paint would have been thrown from his horse and trampled by it to death,These people are not "ranchers,or cowboys" They are ABUSERS plain and simple.I and many others would like to encourage any one and everyone to please film and photograph all these events to get video for the HSUS and to show the senate when the bill is reintroduced..Its imparative folks to get this stopped.I have button cams I will be using and my brother has hat cams, and many others will be getting creative to get the footage at the next big poop rodeo and all rodeos in eastern and central oregon where they abuse horses in this sick cruel sadistic way.

Anonymous said...

I need to remain anonymous because I am one of the boarders and will be kicked out if they find out and I do not want to have myself or my horses and equipment stolen or harmed if they find out.
There is a boarding facility and arena at 1085 Flaxplant road in Cornelius, Oregon.
Down 10th street at Flaxplant road.
It is owned by Emmert International but is leased to a family of brothers and a father who are mexican.
Their names are Jose Orozco, Ivan Orozco, Rapheal Orozco, and Noe Orozco.
They have events in the arena that include Horse tripping and they have bull tripping.
I have seen this and I have seen them trip horses and damage their back legs and blow out knees.
They have also tripped bulls and ive seen 2 of them get broken hips and a few that get blood gushing out their noses.
They rent the horses from another mexican guy who has connection to the Charro Federation and the Charro federation cowboys are also doing the horse tripping and bull tripping at this arena.
They rent the bulls from a guy in Yamhill, Oregon by the name of Ken Stone.
I believe Ken Stone's cow business is called "Cows are Us".
When the Orozco's hurt a cow of ken's, they have to buy it and they hog tie it in the arena and cut its throat the next day after the rodeo event is over.
So it has to sit their injured until the rodeo event is over before they put it out of its agony.
I have seen them rope the horses legs and cut them up real bad and ive seen their legs swollen more then 4 times normal and they do not believe in calling a vet.
They especially like to use horses that are under 2 years of age because they are smaller and easier to trip.
They were complained about before and now when they injure a horse, they try yo get it off the property as soon as possible after the rodeo or late at night so no one can see the injured horse.
Then they either go to someones property and killed or shipped for slaughter.
One of the boarders ( a white couple) could not stand to see this beautiful Black and White mare being used for tripping and so they bought it.
It has permanent calcium deposits on its front knees.
Another boarder bought a real nice Garulla mare that they damaged its back legs and were so swollen and oozing puss and they sought vet care for it and it is doing very good now.
This last saturday, 10-13-2012, they had horse tripping and bucking and the majority of the horses were less then 2 years old.
There were 8 horses and after the event they hurried up and took 6 of them away so none of the boarders could see the injuries the next day and put in a complaint.
And yes they use these young horses as bucking horses.
They will hit them and whip them just to get them to run and buck.
These young horses knees are still not formed and closed and most end up with either blown out knees or some sort of permanent injury.
The Mexican cowboys and the Charro federation just consider them animals and do not matter.
You ruin one and just get rid of it and get a fresh one.