Tuesday, December 9, 2008

NCSL Meeting Dec. 10-13th - I have made my calls

Well I have contacted my state NCSL Agricultural Reps today;
New York Reps.
Ronald C. Brach, Legislative Commission on Rural Resources
Senator Carl L. Marcellino

to remind them that the majority of americans are strongly opposed to horse slaughter. I had to email Marcellino but I spoke directly to Mr. Brach for about a half-hour, and was pleasantly suprized to learn Mr Brach, a big-whig in Ny agricultural circles, is strongly opposed to horse slaughter: at least that is what he claimed to me on the phone. The BAD news, Mr Brach cannot make it to Dec 10-13th Committee Meeting due to state budget cuts..... still, I am hoping we have found a new "Friend of Equines" and promiced to put him on our mailing list.

Click on title above to go to the National Committee of State Legislatures
Agricultural & Energy Committee


Once you open the link, be sure to go to the "members" page to see who from your state is on the Committee
Please DO call them and let them know you are against horse slaughter and you VOTE!


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