Saturday, December 20, 2008

SlaughterGate: The USDAs "Dirty Little Secret" and BIG FAT LIES Exposed

From Texas Horse Talks Steve Long;

Well I never heard of this guy before but who hasent herda' TXHT?

I hope this aint one of those "not-what-you-say but what-you-dont-say" instances where they dont actually come out and say it but subtly impart conotations that would lead you to believe what it is that they did not want to come right out and say. If you notice, Mr King dosent actually say he is against slaughter, per se. Or am I reading this wrong? Somebody please correct me if I am. My ole gamblin philosophy was to always hope for the best but to expect the worse,....well, how do you think I leaned that? The worst always DID seem happen, thats how. Anyways, I am hoping that Mr. Long is FOR REAL against horse slaughter PERIOD and not advocatin for "More oversight,management or more humane slaughter methods.

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