Thursday, January 21, 2010

More Pro-BS / Same Ole Silly & Stoopid Arguments

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We need to re-establish horse slaughtering

Legal restraints force me to refer to them as special interest groups with one having headquarters in Washington, D.C., and financed by mega west-coast dollars. Only in America do we let special interests dictate how we conduct our business. The use of our tax dollars to appease the special interest groups make it our business.

Our families have always been horse enthusiasts, and we have always had horses, but there is a very real need for re-establishing horse slaughtering. This is a viable commodity, just as are cattle and hogs, and should be re-introduced into the food chain here in the U.S. -- if not for human then for all the other carnivorous critters on this earth. There is a real market for the meat and byproducts derived from a horse. Lots of foreign countries feature horse meat on their menus daily, including Canada, Mexico and France. During the Depression and both world wars, we ate horse meat, and some were glad to have it.

It is more humane to dispose of old and unwanted horses in this manner than to just abandon them, dumping them out randomly, with no food, water or protection from the weather, not to mention the hazards of hitting a 1,000-pound abandoned horse standing in the middle of the road. The same holds true with the wild mustangs in the western states. What these special interest groups fail to realize is the fact wild mustangs are just that -- wild animals, much the same as a wild deer or moose. You see with these special interest people, it's an anatomy problem. Their heart is in the right place; it's their head that's stuck in the wrong place.

When asked if they would be willing to cough up the money to keep these animals and provide food, water, shelter, vet services and carry liability insurance for the rest of the animals' life, you bet they said "no."

This endeavor would do several things, especially if several states would adopt this program, like create employment and help clean up and help preserve the environment. It would cull the over-crowded herds that compete for range land in the west, and finally, we are again using a natural resource. This is a humane commonsense solution to the problem.

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