Thursday, January 28, 2010

No Such Thing as an Un-Wanted Horse / Dispelling the Pro-Slaughter Myth

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Homeless YES! "Unwanted" NO

Have you or someone you know been misled or duped about horse slaughter? Horse slaughter is NOT humane euthanasia. The so called "unwanted horse problem" is a phrase coined by the AAEP to support their position in favor of horse slaughter. You may be a follower, or be a member of one of the entities listed below and not even realize that they are actively fighting to reopen horse slaughter plants in the US. You or an organization you belong to might even be parroting their favorite pro slaughter argument; the so called "unwanted horse problem". You may be supporting an entity that has aligned with UHC's position even though you remain adamantly against horse slaughter. Your own rescue organization may even be listed on the Unwanted Horse Coalition's website as a supporter without your knowledge or permission… Please Beware!! Pro slaughter proponents have one of the strongest lobbyists around; the Ag Department. (The US Department of Agriculture) A Partial Listing of some of the entities that support horse slaughter, or that are listed as member organizations of the Unwanted Horse Coalition (a pro slaughter proponent) are listed below:
* AAEP (American Association of Equine Practitioners)
* AVMA (American Veterinary Medical Association)
* UOH (United Org of the Horse) * The Unwanted Horse Coalition
* AQHA (American Quarter Horse Association)
* United Horseman's Front
* AHC (American Horse Council) * The Jockey Club * American Humane Association * Various State Horse Councils * American Paint Horse Association * US Cattlemen’s Assn * Arabian Horse Association * Maryland Horse Breeders Association
* California Thoroughbred Breeders Association * Various Farm Bureaus The Unwanted Horse Coalition (UHC) and the UOH (United Org of the Horse) supports horse slaughter. Their theme is to restore horse meat processing (aka horse slaughter) in the US to control the so-called “unwanted horse problem” and what they claim to be the overpopulation of wild and feral horses on federal, state, tribal, and private lands.
For a more complete list of entities that are on record as supporting horse slaughter, click here. Current Unwanted Horse Coalition Member Organizations
The UHC is clever to list rescues as available facilities. If not for their position in support of horse slaughter it might make sense to be affiliated with them in this way. We at WFLF have to wonder how many rescues inadvertently trust the misinformation propagated by the UHC, the AVMSA and the AAEP. We understand that rescues are busy saving horses and don’t have time to do their own research and discovery. Even the majority of members in the veterinary community simply rely on information put out by these types of organizations, when in truth the slaughter process has been found to be very inhumane.
WFLF suggest that Anti slaughter supports use caution when connecting with new friends and or joining new groups on social websites like facebook and MySpace, etc. Pro slaughter proponents have been increasingly clever with distributing misguided information. (UOH)
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