Thursday, April 23, 2009

30 Starving Horses Seized from Two Ohio Farms

Portage County humane officers expect to file 30 cruelty to animals charges against the owner of horses rescued from a local farm.

The horses are being kept in an undisclosed location where they are receiving around the clock care. Veterinarians say it could take up to a year for some of them to recover.

"You can see clearly every rib sticking out on the side of the horse," explained Annette Fisher from the Happy Trails Farm Animal Sanctuary, as she showed the horses to Fox 8.

Fifteen malnourished horses, caked in drying mud and manure, are being nursed back to health.

"The stalls were so filled with like this manure and urine and mud slurry that I have photos where you could only see from the ankles up, the horses were standing that deep in it in their stalls," said Fisher.

Monday evening, officers with the Portage County Animal Protective League removed the horses from two farms. The A.P.L. says they've been working with the owner since August to bring conditions up to par.

"Unfortunately, I think due to the sheer number of animals that were there, it is very difficult to care for and at the time, the owner seemed unwilling to let us help place any of the horses for her, to place them in another home, she says.

Fisher says there were more than 30 horses on the two farms. The ones taken away were in the worst shape.

"This is one of the horses rated a number one on the body score chart...the body score chart makes one as a severe malnutrition case, as close as the horse can basically be to death," she explains.

Many of the horses also had severely deformed hooves, making it tough for them to walk. They're now receiving lots of hay and some medication.

The horses cannot yet be put up for adoption, but until they are, Happy Trails is asking for donations to help with their expensive care. They are accepting monetary donations as well as hay and grain. Anyone who would like to help can call 330-296-5914.

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