Saturday, April 11, 2009

State Horse Counsils to Offer Low-Cost Gelding

...Well, one state horse counsel, anyways. Why cant they all do this?

Kentucky Group to Offer Low Cost Gelding Services
by: Edited Press Release
April 06 2009, Article # 13909

In an effort to help horse owners manage herd populations and breed responsibly, the Kentucky Horse Council, in partnership with Morehead State University (MSU), is offering a low cost gelding clinic April 28 and 30, 2009.

The service, funded by Save Our Horses, a tax deductible fund to support KHC health and welfare programs, will allow Kentucky horse owners to pay for gelding services at a discounted rate based on income. Low income owners might qualify for free services through the program.

"The Kentucky Horse Council recognizes the importance of educating horse owners about responsible management practices," said KHC Board President Madelyn Millard. "Castrating colts and stallions that aren't slated for breeding either because of performance, conformation, registration, temperament, or other factors is good herd management. We believe it is important to support those horse owners with financial limitations that have horses in need of castration and this program allows us to do just that."

Surgeries will be performed by MSU faculty member Phil Prater, DVM, Dipl. ACT, a licensed veterinarian and Professor of Veterinary Technology. Assistance for the procedures will be provided by students in the Veterinary Technology program.

"Partnering with the MSU Veterinary Technology program is a winning combination because we provide the opportunity both for horse owners to obtain the service they need and for students to learn through hands-on experience," Millard said.

To qualify for the gelding clinic, all male equines in the possession of the owner must be castrated.

Space in the clinic is limited and available by advance application only to Kentucky residents with non-commercial operations. Restrictions and limitations apply. Owners are responsible for presenting horses with a current negative coggins and health certificate and for transportation.

More information including requirements, limitations, and a program application are available online at or by contacting the Kentucky Horse Council at 859/367-0509 or e-mail

The Kentucky Horse Council is a non-profit organization dedicated, through education, to the protection, growth, and development of the equine industry in Kentucky. They provide educational programs, grants, scholarships, personal liability insurance, trail riding programs, and an annual statewide equine industry directory.

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