Wednesday, April 15, 2009

UPDATE: Nature Vally Farm Memorial

Nature Valley Farm was one of the most horrendous horse-slaughter plants in BC. Anti-horse slaughter advocates have been trying to shut it down for years, even risking their lives and going undercover to catch the many health and humane violations on film. The video they produced was widely circulated and I am quite certain was influential in shutting them down.

The advocates planned a memorial at the site of the now abandoned facility, and here is how it went;

Dear all,

Thank you all SO much for your incredible memorials, tributes, poems and thoughts. We suspended them at the gates of Natural Valley Farm's rendering pits yesterday. You can see the video here:

Click on title above to see vid com/watch? v=-T-b8JRayUs.

We had just enough time to hang all of the memorials when one of the workers arrived on a tractor and tried to intimidate us into leaving. We stayed and read out your words, Michelle. It was heartbreaking that even the remains of these horses couldn't have a moment of peace without a man crushing them further by rolling over them with his tractor. The man was making numerous phone calls and knowing we still had to drive by the plant to return to the highway, decided it best to leave early. When we passed the turn off to the plant, a large grey truck carrying 2 large men sped up on us. Travelling at speeds in excess of 130 km/hr on the gravel roads, the truck caught up to us, pulled up along side us then pulled out in front of us, trying to force us to the side (or edge - as much of the roads in the Qu'Appelle Valley drop off into huge gulleys on either side). Thanks to my skillfull driver, we maneuvered out but the men continued pursuing us until we reached the highway, then thankfully turned off into the town of Grenfell .

The whole experience was incredibly upsetting. It was supposed to be a moment of peace for the horses, but even this small charity could not be extended by workers and management at the plant.

I take some pleasure in knowing that the workers who certainly pulled it all down the minute after we left couldn't have helped but read one or two of the tributes. I also hope that the strong winds of the Qu'Appelle Valley pulled at least a few off and scattered them into the valleys and fields, to be found by a farmer tilling his field.

Thank you all again for taking the time to think of these horses. The love and support poured out for them is heartening and moving. Please spread the video far and wide.



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alli09 said...

what you did was wonderful and I would have loved to see those guys lose control and go off the road =)

thank you for supporting horses!