Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Will we Ever Know if ole' Leroy Paid His Fine?

Well I hear ole' Leroy Baker is still in the equine auction business so I am
wondering did he pay the $162,000 fine that was due by January 16, 2009. I
called the USDA APHIS office in washinton DC and spoke to a Carlton Bradshaw at
the Hearing Clerks Office (202) 720-4443. I gave him the docket # of leroys case
(AQ-08-0074) and he looked it up and told me that he did not know if the fine
was paid yet or not. He explained that once a judgement is final, and a fine
imposed, it is the Treasury Dept that is responsible for
collection.......sooooooo, I called the Treasury Dept Debt Collection Services
(888-826-3127)and reiterated my question as to whether or not the fine imposed
upon Leroy Baker of Sugarcreek Auction was paid,....only to be told that the
pubic WAS NOT PRIVY to that information!

My next attempt at trying to find out is to contact Thomas N. Bolick, Esq., the
USDA attorney of record for Leroys case,....but I dont hold out much hope for an
answer from him. Apparently, because ole' Leroy and his co. is a private
business, we may never know if he paid the fine or not.

R we Ok with that? I dont think so!


Click on title above to see a copy of the judgement against Leroy;

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Anonymous said...

Keep on 'em, CJ! You will find out somehow! Who imposed this fine? And is there a public court docket in that state? I know in Wisconsin, you can search cases and also see if fines are paid.