Friday, June 12, 2009

The New "American Horse-Slaughtering League"

Anybody got a suscription to "Livestock Weekly?" Need a paid suscription to read the entire article, but it looks like the enemy is "circling the wagons" for an all-out affront on our anti-horse slaughter efforts. What is this new "American Horse League" but an off-shoot of the AHC - also a bunch of Pro-slaughter cattle & beef men?


New Organization Will Take Up
Battle For Horse Processing

The newly-formed American Horse League plans to do what many horse owners would like to do but have lacked the organization to carry out, which is take the fight to the activists who have shut down horse processing across the entire country.

Click on title above to check out their website and/or to suscribe;

and no "Friends of Equines" to demonstrate against horse-slaughter this year at the annual American Horse Counsel? What a shame. You just gotta know they are behind the big push for slaughter, they and their affiliate state counsels too;

Permits are ALREADY in order for any "Friends" that may want to go. Call DC Metro at (202) 671-6522 or (202) 737-1234 to confirm. Ask for the "Special Permits" Dept.

There is more info in the link below on our proposed anti-slaughter demos for the annual AHC convention;

Heres hoping that some "Friends of Equines" will care enough to go.....

Update: June 20, 2009: Well the American Horse-Slaughtering Counsils' annual convention in DC has come and gone, and No "Friends of Equines," not even one, went to be a voice for the horses to protest the AHC. Just like no "Friends of Equines" showed up at the annual AQHA Grand Championship Show in OK last fall, when permits for "Friends of Equines" were also in order and invitations broadcast widely. This is precisely why we will always have horse-slaughter. Most antis,, with a very few rare exceptions, do not believe in protest.Perhaps they think they are above that sort of thing. Perhaps they dont want to look like PETA, but I told them and they know, there is a simple cure for their "fear of being stigmatized,"..Wear a sign that says "I AM NOT PETA!" Meanwhile, the Pros are organizing on a grand scale and what are the anti-s doing? More of the same, lip-service, faxing, emailing, asking nice, lobbying, legislating, writing and responding to articles, and getting no where fast. Do they really think they will get an anti-horse slaughter bill passed, I mean like,...ever? Not me. I am convinced the politicians that say they support our bills and even the ones who wrote them are just playing the DC Game, as in tell you anything and also work towards those goals knowing they would never succeed. It reminds me of my working for lawyers days. How many times have I seen a lawyer take a case that he knows is a loser but he takes it anyways cause the client is paying him$5,000 down, what else is an unscruplous lawyer (or politician) to do in a case like that? Give it their best shot but still knowing it will never work. Its all a put-on to keep the client (or the voter) happy. How long have we (and all the politicians that have promiced to support our bills) been trying to pass a bill, over 10 years. I am sure. So ah, what is the problem people? There is none so blind as those with eye yet who refuse to see. When is it going to dawn on them that they been had and bill will never pass? The politicians who say they support our bills are only going so far as they will to keep your votes? All this hulabalu in DC about getting horse-slaughter stopped is all fun-house smoke and mirrors created for you by your politicians and they are having a ball playing you "believers" like a fiddle and you all are enjoying the dance! If they pissed on you, you would probably thank them for the rain, right? What fools you are to believe in the empty, false promices of the politicians. Never forget that first and foremost that is what they are,....politicians. And you know what they are famous for, lies, broken-promices, back-room dirty dealing where your promice gets traded for a campaign cotribution or a BIG WHIG position in a new business venture or firm. Soon they will start building horse slaughter houses all across the USA and then what will you have to say? Surley Not "I gave the fight my all." I am so ashamed I renounce any affiliation with you who have NOT protested against horse slaughter physically, with your body or bodies. I mean really, how bad do you want to see it end? Not bad enough, apparently. Their fight is a "limited engagement" when it should be an all out sustained war using EVERY weapon in our arsenol and meeting them at every turn, every event....being there, you know, for the voiceless horses. The ones that are being slaughtered every day. The ones you claim so much to care about but wont grab a 'JUST SAY WOAH TO HORSE SLAUGTER" sign and get busy around your town at any and all industry events. And if you dont think that would be effective, one protestor or a dozen, are not only lazy and dispassionate, and dis-connected from reality, you are a narrow-mined, shallow idiot or moron too. Maybe both. You need to rethink your position on how to go about getting something you really want when the people who have the power to give it to you dont want to give it to you. Do you just stop wanting? Stop trying? No. You devise a new plan, just like the National Conference of State Legislators did last Decemeber when they embarked on this state by state plan, and now, (and I suspect they are behind this too) The New American Horse-Slaughtering League....In conclsion, if we dont take some drastic extreme action to rebuff them, all will be lost for our efforts, and of course, as usual, it is always the animals who suffer for mans (or womans) failings.
People put a little passion in your lives; get out, organize and get active for the cause and DEMAND an end to horse slaughter!

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