Thursday, June 18, 2009

Update on "The New American Horse-Slaughtering League"


Beware of the wolf in sheep clothings

The Pro slaughter supporters are planning a new attack on our efforts. As I posted earlier Rep Sue Wallis is out of control and out of line. She has visited with the intent to change the neutral stand of the AHC to supporting the opening of US horse plants. She says the government is taking our rights away Not true the states shut down the plants not the Government. She has failed to keep her own state of Wy in line as Cheyenne Frontier Days in Wy, have implied a new rule to ban the use of Cameras and Cell phones at the Rodeos so the abuse and neglect they promote will not be recorded as proof to prosecution.Now this is taking our rights away. Info can be viewed at Sue Wallis is really hard core on these Issues she has even listen to Paula Beacon and have ignored her speeches. I wont say much right now but please read the info of the site below. This is just a taste of there evil intentions to lobby under 501c covers up to push there own profitable intentions and to profit presenting false information to the public as a road show..

Click on title above to go to their bloodthirsty website;

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