Friday, June 26, 2009

Dear Governator; MyIdea4Ca. Budget & Ca. Animals

@Schwarzenegger ; You say you are looking for ideas to make your govt "run better," ..if by that you mean getting your govt to run more efficient, fiscally, then I guess I do have a suggestion about how your state could generate more badly needed revenue, ... by enforcing existing laws. If you recall, back in the mid to late 1990s, Ca was the first state to outlaw horse-slaughter and the illegal interstate transportation for horses to slaughter. (We were so PROUD of CA. for that!) Since this law has NEVER been enforced, California Horses continue to go to slaughter. It wouldn't take a rocket scientist to catch these unscrupulous people -then you will have your extra income from the heavy fines imposed,and I know there are plenty of horse rescues and sanctuaries there that are more than willing to help. Click on title above to see a petition goin around asking YOU to help stop the illegal transport of California's horses to slaughter.

Also, since you have cut funding for Californias Animal Shelters, have you considered implementing a mandatory spay and neuter law for pets? This would also help generate more revenue for your state if the state could get a portion of the proceeds. By implementing such a law, low cost S&N clinics would be necessary so would have to work in conjunction with your state veteninarians.

I am totally for a mandatory S&N Law, along with a TAX for breeders on ANY animal they bring into this world. The $$$ can be used to support NO KILL shelters & Stables. The only people against mandatory S&N are the breeders themselves, naturally. It is the REAL animal lovers of the world, the rescuers, who get to clean up the "mess" of "unwanted" animals the breeders are RESPONSIBLE for bringing into this world, and NO ONE, org., govt, or otherwise,is helping them. They are ALL overwhelmed! Mandatory S&N and a TAX on the producers is the only way to correct pet over-population or the "unwanted" animal problem. Ray Charles could see that! To make matters even worse, the American Kennel Club, (AKC) professing a desire to "share their passion" for dogs(and breeding), with mixed-breed owners, has created a registry for mutts! One dosent have to be an Einstein or a brane sturgeon to know that a reckless program like this is not about "a passion" for dogs at all, but a passion for the almighty buck! Think of the millions of dollars they will net annually in the way of registration fees and other "products and services." This is nothing but the promotion of wholesale breeding on a grand scale, with no thought to the so-called problem of pet over-population and the high cost of veteinary care. Here is a link to an article on the AKCs new "Mutt Registration" Program;

Thanks for listening!

Christine A Jubic, Founder,
Quarter-Acre Rescue Ranch & Equine Advocacy Center
"Because We Care"

Proud LifeTime members of

Nathan Wineograds "No-Kill" Sheltering Revolution!

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