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Guess by now we are all familiar with the story of the grey mare found in the Reno, Nevada area wandering around "abandoned" with the brand cut out of her hip. This poor mare was allegedly "found" wandering around "abandoned" by her owner. Someone determined that she must be one of many "un-wanted" horses "so commonly" abandoned by the owners "these days," 'cause they could no longer afford to care for their animals and, since the SLAUGHTER OPTION WAS NO LONGER AVAILABLE TO THEM they have no other choice but to abandon them. Some people will believe everything they read, but those who like to think for themselves will ask, "Well how do we know for sure if this horse was truly abandoned?" Well, the "proof" is obvious,....isnt it? The mare had an good sized square patch of ugly raw flesh on her hip where there (allegedly) used to be a brand. The story we are supposed to believe is that just prior to abandoning her, the owner took the precautionary measure of cutting out the brand ..insuring that the mare could never be traced back to him, or her, as the case may be. It is important to remember that in every state, it is illegal to abandon any animal. So what could make more sense? Cut out the brand, ditch the horse, and no one will be the wiser.

But wait a minute. Not so fast. I have another theory, I think, a better, more reasonable one, that just makes more sense to me.

The pro-slaughter camp is made up almost entirely of horse breeders and cattle "growers" and others interested in the meat-trade. They HAVE TO cry about "so many unwanted horses with nowhere 2 go" since we "took away their slaughter option away" to justify their pro-slaughter position. "Oh no," they insist, .."dont get us wrong,... its not that we LIKE the idea of slaughtering horses," they tell US and the rest of the world, as they claim horse-slaughter is just a "necessary evil" for them. They say without the option of slaughter, our Nation is being over-run with neglected and abandoned horses, and isn't it a shame. They claim that America needs horse-slaughter to help them "help the horses." Isnnt that wonderful of them. They say slaughtering horses is the "humane" thing to do.

First I shall tell you that slaughter is never humane. Who are they trying to kid? Just look at some of these horse slaughter vids to see what they are calling humane; ------ WARNING: Graphic Depictions;



Secondly I shall tell you that there are approximately 9.2 million horses in America today, and that only about 1% of them wind up on the slaughter train. How can you "glut" a market with "so many" "un-wanted" horses with only 1% of its volume? The answer is: you cant. And if we were to ban the export of horses to slaughter, that 1% would be easily absorbed. Moreover, there are other options that the pro-slaughters like to pretend dont exist. For one example, there is REAL humane euthanasia, lethal injection by a vet. They say they cant afford it, as that might cost a couple a hundred bucks. Granted there may be and probably is some horse owners out there that really cant afford the high cost of euthanasia, them we say there is a better way to dispose of an unwanted horse, better then selling them to slaughter, and that is a well placed 25 cent bullet to the head. Granted this should not be done by an amateurs as there are cases where IDIOTS tried it on their own with terrible results. Be advised if you absolutely have to take this route, get an expert to do the job, to prevent this kind of tragedy;

Shot in Head SIX Times and Lives;

The Louisiana Mare;

Horse shot in head left for dead;

Thirdly I will tell you that the slaughter option didnt end. The slaugher train is still on track and we are sending more horses to slaughter than ever before, only they go to Canada and Mexico, and its easy to "catch a ride."

And lastly I will tell you there are meat-market auction houses all over the place, SugarCreek in Ohio is only one example;
and they usually have SEVERAL of these Houses of Horror in EVERY STATE. Anyone looking to rid themselves of their unwanted horses wouldnt have to travel too terribly far to bring their horse(s) to one of them.
So what about this poor "abandoned" mare with the brand carved off of her hip?

This mare was more than likely just another victim of the pro-slaughter "false-flag operation" propaganda campaign where a horse is intentionally dumped off somewhere to prove their point about "so many unwanted horses that they are being abandoned in the streets." They have been caught at this once before. Awhile back when it looked like we might have a good chance of getting our anti-slaughter bill passed, the pro-slaughter breeders and meat industry folks increased their efforts in their propaganda campaigns. They hired a high-profile lobbyist group who specialized in dirty tricks. They would buy up decrepit looking horses for the sole purpose of turning them loose in the street. Then they would call the press to report an abandoned horse seen somewhere. "Loose and abandoned" horses were turning up everywhere, giving new meaning to the term "raining horses." It was a desperate time for them and they were using every trick in the book,...until one of them got spotted at a meat-market auction where he bought a decrepit horse that was later found "abandoned" in a nearby field,...tied to a tree.

So I am pretty sure that the poor mare with the brand brutally cut out of her hip was just another victim of the pro-slaughters "abandoned horse" false flag operation campaign....also I am thinking so, if the owner of the horse really needed to "get rid" of that horse, why didnt he just shoot her and leave he for dead? The only logical reason for "abandoning" her in the desert that way was for the message it would send. Also I am thinking, even though her brand was cut out, they still could have narrowed it down to who her owner was, as it is my understanding that ranchers have not only their own brands to distinguish their horses from that of other ranchers, but where they place the brand upon the horse is unique to individual owners. If they wanted to do a little investigation as to who the owner of the "abandoned" mare was, all they would have to do is ask around some to find out what particular rancher puts their brand upon the animals left hip? It wouldnt be to hard to figure but I dont think anyone even tried. Correct me if I am wrong, but I would bet my spotted ass that I aint.
(Leave it to the Nevada Wild-Horse Haters to come up with something like this;)

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Suzanne said...

You ain't wrong, so you get to keep your spotted ass! LOL!

Seriously, great article about the "unwanted and abandoned horses." I live in rural Indiana, and this area was hit hard by the collapse of the RV industry. There are TONS of horses in rural Indiana. And also one of the most notorious meat auctions in the country - Shipshewana.

Have I seen even ONE horse wandering the fields and back roads? Do I really need to answer that? Well, we did find one young pony that wandered up and was hanging out with my two. We put him in a paddock, and called around.

In less than a day, his worried owners rushed over to take him home. Little devil is a real Houdini I understand. ;o)