Sunday, April 25, 2010

ReVisiting the Enemy Camp

Of course one of the best things we can do, in fact MUST do in response to the noise coming from the pro-slaughter camp is to keep the momentum going and rebut them at every chance,...this includes and is especially important to --JUMP INTO THEIR OUR FORUMS, that is, infiltrate them in their own camps. Go there not to enrage and enflame them but to try to engage in healthy debate in effort to educate them in a polite and intelligent way. Soon you will find that there are members of their own camp who will come over to your way of thinking. Some of them actually BELIEVE the hype the "Pro-Slaughter Professionals" are spoon-feeding them, is up to US to give them the facts.

Below is a string of comments that people have made in regards to the "ABANDONED" HORSE MY ASS" article I posted to Sue Wallis "Organization of the Horse" Facebook site.

Christine, (your allegations of "false flag" operations are) are hardly worth commenting on, I am noticing though that most of the AR posters are from the North East. That must mean that you are the ones getting missinformation fed to you. I feel bad that we have not done a better job of educating those from your area that believe that it's all a conspiracy. But I can assure you(not that you will believe me) that there is a huge unwanted horse issue in our Country. Not only abandoned ones but also, way more wild horses than the AUM's can support.
Who you should be mad at is the AR crowd that is purposely lieing and misleading people like you with propaganda like this. Total BS.

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Dave Duquette
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Christine A. Jubic

I spent most my life in the western and south-western states but just happened to have been born in NY, which is by the way, an agricultural state. We have lots of horsemen and women and breeders too, mostly of racehorses. The "unwanted" horse problem is a national and not NOT regional concern, so there really is no point in attempting to make an issue out of geographics. As to your allegations of so many "abandoned" horses,....everything I have to say about that is in the link below, if you care to know;

Besides, didnt you admit in a few public forums that it really was all about generating income?... See More

And I cant believe you guys are trying to make the public believe that slaughter is euthansia. Apparently, you dont even know the meaning of the word.
There is a failure to educate involved here alright but the failure is on US,...not you!
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Christine A. Jubic

As for the wild horses (and burros) and the AUMs,.. there is not enough land for them because of all them dern welfare cows who outnumber the wild horses by approximatley 200 to 1 - EVENTHOUGH a Federal Statutory Law proscribes that the horses be principal users of their land (but of course, you must know that!) You also must know administration of... See More the Public Welfare Ranchers Grazing Program, while producing only 3% of our Nations beef, is costing taxpayers nearly $500 million dollars a year to administer! Think of the money we could save if we did away with the Public Lands Welfare Grazing system;

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