Saturday, April 17, 2010

My Pro-Slaughter Letter 2 ObombA That Sue Wallis Asked Me 2 Send

Sent today alright, but not before making some needed revisions

April 17, 2010

Dear President Obama,
Dear Representative Murphy,
Dear Senator Schumer,
Dear Senator Gillibrand,

DO NOT BELIEVE Sue Wallis' and Ed Butchers Pro-Horse Slaughter Hype in the "WHEREASSES" paragraphs below. - They wrote this letter they are asking their pro-slaughter friends to just sign and send, but I DONT AGREEE with a word they said in this letter. I am signing it anyways to REBUT the lies. Check out my comments in the very last paragraph of this letter, to get to the heart of the matter quickly and find the TRUTH behind the pro-slaughter lies, for the TRUTH stands TALLER and TOWERS OVER, shadowing out and erasing the BOLDFACE pro-horse slaughter lies, ....."for real." The TRUTH will set you and me and U.S. and even THEM free!


WHEREAS, pending legislation would criminalize the processing of horses for food and provide for a three year prison term and a fine for anyone selling or providing transport for horses sold for food;

WHEREAS it has been documented that a ban on horse meat leads to an increase in the abandonment and neglect of unwanted horses.

WHEREAS prices for all horses have dropped due to increased numbers of unwanted horses that people can no longer afford to maintain.

WHEREAS being able to market otherwise unmarketable surplus horses for
meat benefits the farm and ranch economy as well as the tribal economy.

WHEREAS the existence of a market for horse meat increases the value of riding and pleasure horses by decreasing the surplus number of horses.

WHEREAS excess feral horses on federal, state, tribal and private lands are far in excess of the carrying capacity of the land, which in turn impacts other resources including forage for wildlife and livestock, cover for wildlife, native cultural food plants and medicines and the fishery resource.

WHEREAS a market for horse meat for human, pet, and zoo carnivore food provides local and regional jurisdictions a cost effective and humane method of dealing with abandoned and feral horses without undue taxpayer expense;

WHEREAS a horse meat market and humane processing options underpin the entire equine economy, provide a viable market for lower end horses, as well as supporting the value of all horses;

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that we, the members and supporters of the United Organizations of the Horse, strongly urge our Congressional delegations to oppose passage of any law that criminalizes the use of horses for food or for export.

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that we strongly urge Congress to remove any and all impediments to the transportation, marketing, processing, exporting of horses; and to work diligently to restore USDA/FSIS regulated and inspected humane processing facilities for horses in the United States.

YOU PRO-HORSE SLAUGHTERERS MAKE ME SICK! You keep throwing around the phrase "humane slaughter" when surley you know in your own minds (and hearts. if you have one) and also- being in the cattle killing business as well, that there is NO SUCH THING as "humane slaughter." Slaughter by its very nature is a freightning,highly tramatic and painful experience for any show U.S. (if you can) any horse being "humanely slaughtered," and I will kiss your fatted naked ass in front of the big white house at 1600 Pennsylvania Av in Washington DC, broad daylight with the press there and in full view of your pro-slaughter friends and constituants. There is always a high degree of upset, fear, the smell of blood, the noise, the screams, the captive bolt gun that fails to stun more often than not, the hangin upside down and bleeding, and the skinning alive of some of them. There is NOTHING humane in this scenario. There is only ONE WAY to humanely end an animals life (yes, ANY animal) and that is by injection done on site at the farm under the supervision of a vet, with the consciencious owner at the horses side, "loving on it" til the very end, reassuring it that it is loved and telling it that everything will be ok, that the suffering will soon end. This system is called Humane euthansia FOR A REASON (meaning a "good death" w/out trauma or pain, in other words, A PEACEFUL death! When have you ever seen a slaughtered animal go to his death or die in peace? There is no better way to put a horse down humanely, other than by injection. They just "go to sleep." Slaughter IS NOT humane and it most certainly is not euthansia - the good death, remember. Isnt that how you would want to go, by "good death" and not the "bad" that is slaughter,.. if you were FORCED to go before your time simply because someone wanted to eat you. Think about it Sue,...if you had a choice between the two, which way would YOU want to go? I think the answer is obvious but then again, there is none so blind as those who refuse to see "beyond the dollar signs" in their eyes. You pro-slaughters are only kidding yourselves. You must think Americans are stoopid if you think they are going to believe you want to slaugter horses for their own good. Ray Charles could see through that BS cause it STINKS to the high heaven....a place GOD KNOWS you will never go,....for your lack of human compassion for every living thing, and for putting "self" before rightousness. SlaughterHouse Sue, you SUCK BIG TIME as a human being, and even worse as a woman. There is an old saying that goes: "The only thing WORSE than a cold-hearted bloodthirsty man is a cold-hearted bloodthirsty woman." So you wanna be like a man? Grow some sacks w/ lots of hair and quit deleting my comments off of your pro-slaughter sites. What are you afraid of? Am I making too much sense? Who could say in all honesty that what I am saying is wrong? Naw, there is no if, ands or buts about it. Slaughtering non-food animals such as horses (or dogs and cats and hampsters, guinea pigs, etc.) is wrong, at least in this country it is, that is, at least for now, until and if ever you guys get your way. After that, I guess anything goes. God Help the United States (of Corporate America) who has stolen the voice of the common-folk causes.


Mrs. Christine Jubic
118 River Rd
1st Fl
Johnsonville, NY 12094


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