Monday, May 10, 2010

"Facebook" to Boycott Missouri Over Horse-Slaughter Bill

...and here is my thoughts about that:

WTF? What are you proposing to “boycott?” Politicians? What are ya gonna do, not vote for them next time around? Bombard them with emails? Gonna boycott “everything pro-slaughter?” in Missouri? Will that include the buying of meat? Why dont you take that “astronomical” donation and erect a billboard in EVERY STATE that wants horse-slaughter and let them know you are not going to buy any MEAT products until HR 503 is passed – then you wont have to worry about these never-ending state-by-state battles. Remember, once the first one re-opens in ANY state there will be NO HOPE for our federal bill. Erect a billboard alright,..and boycott of course but use your BIG guns to go after the largest contingency working against our cause, the most powerful weapon we have is our ability to put a BIG dent in their meat sales as they are the main industry holding up our federal bill;

My gut feeling is that that $$$ could be better spent on a boycott to pass our federal bill, ..and since when do you have to get the “ok” from anyone to boycott anything. Geez. You dont ask,…you just DO!


R.T. Fitch said...

I agree, completely, on the issue of boycotts being ineffective. And even though this was posted on our blog, I defer from commenting, there. The piece was written by our good friend Steven Long of Horseback Magazine and we hold a great deal of respect for, there is so much frustration centered around the stupidity of these two-bit, small time thugs that the discussion of boycotting SOMETHING allows our readers a chance to vent some steam.

I am too old and seen too many boycotts do nothing, but if it helps to encourage our equine advocates, then I am all for it.


Mz.Many Names said...

R.T., With all due respect, boycotts are only ineffective when not enough people commit to the particular cause. I would be interested to know more about your boycotting experiences. What were you boycotting and how many partook and how long did the campaining go on? Were you asking for reasonable things? We should not be content with any idea simply because it would allow the venting of steam, for that would accomplish nothing but the release of a lot of hot air. If that is the only goal you will have great success there. The goal, I thought was to get our Federal anti-horse slaughter bill quickly passed. If the advocates need to vent steam (and I know they do cause I am one of them, as you know!) let them vent in the right direction where they will can "do the most good" and have a least some hope of attaining our ultimate goal which is to pass our federal bill. Think about it for a minute. How many advocates do you suppose there are spread out across the whole North American Continent, even so THE WORLD. It doent have to be a National thing. It could very well go global as I know we have a lot of support in other countries who might want to join in. Now I know you cant expect them all to commit, but imagine if we could get just a small portion of those numbers to quit buying meat until HR 503 is passed! You really dont think if we could "pull off the numbers," that a sustained, intense boycott on all meat products and "everything pro-slaughter" wouldnt be effective, wouldnt hurt the opposition economically and/or pressure them into NOT opposing our bill? This is the greatest most effective weapon we have! Its is not a matter of "boycott failure" but rather a failure of COMMITMENT & OF uNITY. Imagine if all the "mother orgs" would ENCOURAGE (instead of ignore or poo-hoo) the idea of a MAJOR boycott against meat and "all things pro-slaughter," No one can argue that the meat industry is the most powerful lobby against us in Washington, DC. And we are ignoring them and NOT targeting them with anything! Just lettin 'em right off the hook! Sometimes, just SERIOUSLY getting the word out, ...just the threat of a well organized, well publisized boycott will do the trick. Just MHO but I think I am right on this, however "unrealistic" anyone might think it would be. UNITY and COMMITTMENT to the singular cause of costing the meat industry is what it would take and so, perhaps I am expecting too much from people but, after hearing thousands upon thousands of people over the years who say that they sooooooooooo want to see it end, I thought it might be a "do-able" thing. So just shoot me if I am wrong. lol

R.T. Fitch said...

You are not wrong, Mz. Many Names and the only thing that I intend to shoot, here, is my foot.