Saturday, May 8, 2010

How to STOP the Pro-Slaughter Movement DEAD in its Tracks & Get Our Federal Bill Passed

I just been sitting here thinking about all the various states lobbying "like the devil" to legalize horse slaugher in their respective states, and pondering on what can be done about it. Of course, they are trying to re-establish horse-slaughter in the US before we can pass our federal bill, all remember that, dont you? By the way, what the devil is up with that? Where is all the pressure to get our federal bill passed before these various states legalize horse slaughter that, once established on a state-by-state basis, will effectivily KILL our bill FOREVER! And we are doing what about it except for just waiting and hoping and urging Congress to "do the right thing" and finally pass our bill before the state slaughtering begins? I for one, am not content with waiting and urging and hoping, so I have been wracking my brains of late for a way to stop the pro-slaughterers dead in their tracks by finally and quickly getting our federal bill passed, and I think I have found a way,....but will take a UNITED FRONT like never before but is a relatively simple thing to do.

First we must consider who or what is the driving force behind the push for horse slaughter and there is only one answer for that. Of course there are others, but The DRIVING force is the meat industry. So I got to thinking, can we "hit em where it hurts?" Now here comes the "what if."

What if all the anti horse-slaughter folk in the country took a PUBLIC pledge to swear off all kind of meat until Congress passes our bill? Could we use our collective boycott of all meats as as leverage to put pressure on the meat industry to SHUT THE FUK UP about horse slaughter and leave our nations horses alone? Could our collective swearing off of meat hurt them economically? If we could pull it off, would it be enough to throw a scare into them so bad that they would finally allow us to pass our bill? You betcha it would. It would send a very real and clear message to them that if they want to continue in their beef, pork and chicken industries that they had better forget about slaughtering horses and that they HAD BETTER support our bill if they want to continue in their current businesses.

I propose we initiate a Nationwide boycott of all meat products but only UNTIL WHICH TIME
H.R. 503, our federal anti-horse slaughter bill is passed;

What say the collective voice of the Americans Against Horse Slaughter to that idea? Do we even have a "collective" voice? If not, we had better get one, and fast, against meat. It is our only hope.

While we are at it, we should also include in our boycott against the meat industry, any organization or enterprize that is activily lobbying for horse slaughter. You know who they are, but mainly consist of the horse-racing industry, the breed registries, particularly the AQHA, but most others too, The American Horse Councel and just about everyone of their state Horse Counsel affiliates,....the list goes on and on but these are the main ones. Important to include them as part of the Anti-Horse Slaughter Boycott tarkets.

Here are some links to some pro horse-slaughter organizations so you will know not to support them in anyway and to include them in the boycott of "All Things Pro-Horse Slaughter" -

United Horsemens Front;

United Organizations of the Horse;

American Horse Counsil;

A Million Horses (Supposedly "Un-Wanted" Horses;)
(There are currently over 9.2 million domestic horses in the USA today)

Sign the "Boycott Everything Pro Horse-Slaughter" petition here: WARNING: By signing you are taking a pledge to give up all meat and anything else related to the pro-slaughterers, their businesses, events, products, etc., until which time H.R. 503 is passed;


Anonymous said...

Boycotting is VERY effective - Yes, I've sworn off all meat and dairy, all products and services made in Mexico, China, Korea, Canada, and more!


People, please shop with a conscience!

Walmart's "Great Value" brands are made in Mexico, by the way. If you oppose horse slaughter, please boycott products and services from any state or country which consumes or processes horsemeat!

angelfarmthunder said...

As you know things have changed a bit since this was written. The funding of inspectors for slaughter plants has oozed back in and the battle is even tougher and more widespread.
Our sister nation Canada has a force of many voices pursuing an end to horse slaughter and the sale of the tainted meat as well.
Still this is a message that truly weighs our commitment. I believe it is still timely and continues to be our best and brightest hope.
If we as a group can show our commitment to the end of horse slaughter by boycotting the meat industry we will win the great reward of an end to the most tragic practices in our respective nations.
The question is then, are you willing to do what it takes? :)

Rosa B. said...
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Rosa B. said...

I am willing and ready to do what ever it takes and what ever I can to STOP the "DEAD FLESH"industry. I am tired of greedy, coldhearted, bloodthirsty, arrogant, psychopaths, abusers and murderers! Bring it on…as long as I live! EVIL people make me stronger and better person! Enough is enough!

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