Friday, August 22, 2008

Big Oil & Horses

What does BIG OIL and the Equine Industry / American Horse Council have in common?

Millions of dollars in tax breaks and business incentives, thats
what. Now here is a novel idea;

What if there was a vote to decide if $13.5 billion in tax breaks
for oil companies (or $129 Mil + for AHC) should go into oil
alternatives, (or TB rehome and or retirement funds?) What would you
want your Senator to do?

Well, as you probably guessed, there was such a vote (re: Big Oil) . We needed 60
votes to prevail, and 59 of them were in. But John McCain ducked the

As a result, instead of powering millions of homes with clean energy
and building next-generation solar technology, we're giving
ExxonMobil and other companies billions in tax breaks at a time when
they're already making record profits.

This vote is political dynamite. And if we all pitch in, we can make
sure voters know about McCain's give-away to big oil. And it's a
twofer—we'll run the ad in the battleground state of North Carolina
to help remind voters that Senator Elizabeth Dole, who's up for re-
election, voted for big oil tax breaks, too.

Check out the ad here:

The ad links Republican support for oil tax breaks with the campaign
contributions they're taking from the oil companies.

Exposing their favors for big oil can puncture Republican promises to
help people hurting from high gas prices.

Our ad can help defeat McCain, win a filibuster-proof majority in the
Senate, and promote real solutions to the energy crisis. Can you help
put this ad on the air?

Thank you for all you do.

–Noah, Justin, Nita, Anna and the rest of the team

1. "Renewable Fuels, Consumer Protection, and Energy Efficiency Act
of 2007," U.S. Senate Roll Call Vote, December 13, 2007

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members—no corporate contributions, no big checks from CEOs. And our
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Friends of Equines FOES of Equine Slaughter thinks its about time for a bill like that for the "Millionaire Clubbers'" of the Equine Industries. We propose a new bill entitled "Alternatives to Slaughter of Americas Equine Atheletes" Bill." (ASAEA) or some such thing as that. Do you think a bill like that would get much support? If not, why not? Only one answer: greed.

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