Thursday, August 28, 2008

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A Horsekillers "secret pact" with racehorse owners;

Friends of Equines has recently discovered through reliable sources that MEL HOOVER of "Mels' Stables & Auction Barn" at 834 Wallace Rd, New Holland, Pa, has a "secret pact" with certain racehorse owners who want to "get rid" of their unwanted horses without having to fear they might be sold elsewhere or rescued by rescuers or anybody else who "might" discover things about those horses such as lame horses that were being raced, as was the case of "Heavenly Perfect," a racehorse fresh off the track that rescuers discovered was seriously lame and had been made to run at least three races in that condition, the mare was so lame the rescuers had to put her down. You can read all about her story and sign her petition here;

Well NO WONDER some racehorse owners & trainers INSIST on bringing their horses to Mel Hoovers Place , as he guarantees them to "destroy the evidence" of running lame horses!

Rescuers offered Mel more money for these horses than he could ever get from the slaughter-houses, but Mel said "no." The rescuers then asked Mel if trainers ever brought their horses to him and mandated that the Thoroughbreds go directly to slaughter and he said yes. Mel was then asked if there was any circumstance in which he would sell a horse privately that had been earmarked for slaughter and he said no. Mel was very clear that if an individual brought a horse to Mel Hoovers to be shipped directly to slaughter, that is what would happen - no matter what!

So thoroughbred owners who want to dispose of their unwanted horses to slaughter without "interference" have only to bring them to Mels Stables where they are assured that their "unwanteds" will be destroyed. Mel is having a BIG horse auction at his place on September 6th 2008, and then another one on Oct. 4th, 2006. We think he will be his own best customer at this auction as Mel is a hoarder of horses. Once he gets 30 or 40 standing in his killpens he gives a call to the Canadian Slaughterhouse he works for and they send a truck to his place to pick them up. Mels stables and auction or sale barn is a "direct to slaughter" operation and he caters MOSTLY to the racing industry when it comes to destroying their race horses that are no longer profitable to them..

We are writing this petition to the Thoroughbred Owners & Trainers Association as well as the National Thoroughbred Racing Assocaition in hopes that they will issue a warning to all their members that they ARE NOT to "dispose of" any of their off-track racing horses through Mels Stables where the horses are sure of going to slaughter, or to any other "meat-market" auction house where they stand a good chance of going to slaughter.

We are hoping our signers will contact them also to let them know how they feel about Mel Hoovers "secret pact" with certain racehorse owners and Mels promice to them of "destroying the evidence" of lame and / or drugged horses being made to race, as was the case with Jerry Hollendorfer running Heavenly Perfect to death.

Below are links to their respective sites. Please tell them to tell their people NOT to have any dealings with Mel Hoover, New Holland or Sugarcreek or any other "meat-market" auction-house;

Thoroughbred Owners & Trainers Association;

National Thoroughbred Racing Association;

Then visit our website to see what else you can do to help end horse-slaughter;

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