Sunday, August 24, 2008

PA Law Prohibits Sale of Lame Horses

I am sooo sick of hearing about the lame horses being sold at New
Holland. There is a law against it and anyone taking part in the transportation or sale of an injured or suffering horse is to blame, including the auction
house owner. The people that are eyewitness to this kind of cruelty need to report ALL PARTIES involved, INCLUDING the auction house owner;

PA Title 18, Section 5511(d)

Selling or using disabled horse.--A person commits a summary offense if
he offers for sale or sells any horse, which by reason of debility,
disease or lameness, or for other cause, could not be worked or used
without violating the laws against cruelty to animals, or leads, rides,
drives or transports any such horse for any purpose, except that of
conveying the horse to the nearest available appropriate facility for
its humane keeping or destruction or for medical or surgical treatment.

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CJ said...

Here is another one;

§ 5511. Cruelty to animals

(c) Cruelty to animals.--A person commits a summary offense if he wantonly or cruelly illtreats, overloads, beats, otherwise abuses any animal, or neglects any animal as to which he has a duty of care, whether belonging to himself or otherwise, or abandons any animal, or deprives any animal of necessary sustenance, drink, shelter or veterinary care, or access to clean and sanitary shelter which will protect the animal against inclement weather and preserve the animal's body heat and keep it dry. This subsection shall not apply to activity undertaken in normal agricultural operation.