Monday, August 4, 2008

No Such Thing as an "UnWanted" Horse

We have seen that kill buyers in the Northeast can get horses at auction and to slaughterhouses in Canada in 6 - 7 days, which is not enough time for these horses to find new homes. "Unwanted" horses are wanted by former owners and breeders who are horrified to get a phone call from a rescue that they found their horse in a kill pen in New Holland. The rescue is told to "get them out of there NOW!." Rescues find new homes for many of these "unwanted" horses who go on to compete in horse shows or join a family as a companion riding horse. The term is misleading. These horses are wanted by someone... they just need some time to find that someone.Please support S.311 and H.R. 503 and give them a chance!
Blanca, Orlando, Florida

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