Monday, February 23, 2009

Arizona Takes Action Against Horse-Slaughter

Dear fellow horse people,

This is a very trying time for people everywhere, and as a result it is a terribletime for American equines.

Over 100.000 perfectly good and healthy horses are still being cruelly transportedacross the USAby kill buyers who bring them to the slaughter facilities in Mexico,where the most inhumane process of slaughter brings a horribly slow death to themost innocent of souls.
Please read on to find out how you are very important to the solution:

Of great importance at this time is a bill called HR 503, that if passed will makeit illegal to transport horses for slaughter. This is a bill we want to pass.All arguments against it come from greed motivated Industries. They are trying to trick us into believing that if the bill passes more horses will beabused and starved. This is statisticallyincorrect.

Individuals will either bring their horses to rescues, or just keep them, if they no longerhave the option to bring them to an auction. Even in the rare case where someone mightchoose to shoot them in their own backyard, this would still be a largeimprovement over the suffering they would have to endure in a slaughter plant. Keep in mind that anything is better than the suffering they must endure there. Mostpeople who bring their horse to an auction are not even aware that their horsesmight end up at a slaughter facility, and would rather keep their horse if presentedwith the choice.

The large breeding industries (like for example the American Quarter horseAssociation), would like to breed 30 horses just to get one winner, and sendthe other 29 to slaughter. Over 65% of all slaughtered horses are healthyquarter horses between the age of 4 and 12 years!! If they would no longer havethis option they will just have to breed less. Prices of horses will go down,which is necessary in order for breeding to become less of an attractive way to make money. The problemof unwanted horses, is caused by over breeding and as a result a huge overpopulation of equines in America.
The solution lies in promoting anti horse breeding measures, promoting humane euthanasia,and tax break monies to go to equine rescue and retirement organizations, andsanctuaries.
The sad truth is that H.R. 503 does not have a large chance of success, because there are too many large industries that stand to loose a buck, and too few people who care enough to make their voice heard. Pretty much no American would like to see horses suffer, however most Americans close their eyes and pretend it does not happen.
How do we stand a chance against these large Lobbyists?

Please do not be one of the many who care,but not enough.

This week we are presented with an important opportunity to make a difference!

This Thursday Feb 26, is a once in a lifetime opportunity, to stand up for horses together. It is a day where we actually get to meet our AZ state legislators atthe AZ State Capitol. Our AZ legislators are currently in support of horseslaughter and we would like to tell them that the people of Arizonaare not!
Thebest thing is, you do not actually have to do or say anything, you just have toshow up. We need people being present to give power to our statement. We onlyhave 6 people in our district who are going at the moment!
It is not often that we get to meet face to face with them. Please think for a moment and decide if you care enough to spend one day at the AZ state Capitol to stand up for horses.

Ifyou are interested, please call Simone at 928308 6718
Deadline is Monday Feb 23rd.

Please forward this email to as many horse-friends as you can think of.

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