Monday, February 16, 2009

An Open Letter to Ill Representative Jim Sacia:

Equine Welfare Advocate involved in the grass roots effort to end horse slaughter.

Dear Representative Sacia:

The state of Illinois is in turmoil. Our governor was removed from office, we have an unprecedented deficit, our citizens are losing their jobs and as a representative of the people of the state, the best you can do is persist with unwanted legislation on horse slaughter?

The citizens of our state have spoken loud and clear, we do not want a horse slaughter plant in our state. We passed a law to ensure we do not have a slaughter plant in our state. You tried to overturn the law several times last year and each time you were struck down. On one occasion when I wrote you, you replied back that the citizens of Illinois are uninformed. No, Representative Sacia, it is you who is uninformed. The message came through loud and clear each time you tried to pass legislation and you were stopped. You were stopped by the people. Do you not understand what that means? Does your fanatical want for slaughter out trump the voice of the people of Illinois that you are supposed to represent?

You have opened a can of worms with your incessant want for a slaughter plant. A slaughter plant will not provide jobs because we already know that the majority of workers were not legal citizens.

Expect to hear from horse owners across the country. YOU MUST LISTEN TO THEM. Your proposed legislation impacts every horse owner across the country. Your proposed legislation will prohibit them from selling their horse without fear it is being bought by a kill buyer. Any horse owner could have their horse stolen and sent to Illinois for slaughter. Will you compensate the owners that have suffered irreparable harm?

Your incessant want of slaughter has blinded you. In your proposed legislation, you state:

“Allows equidae more than 12 months of age to enter the State for immediate slaughter without a certificate of veterinary inspection. Requires equidae entering the State for immediate slaughter to be accompanied by a consignment direct to slaughter at an approved equine slaughtering establishment.”

Do you know what this means? You are publicly stating that you don’t care what drugs the horses have ingested or what diseases they may have and what they will do to the people that consume the meat. More importantly, you are publicly stating that you intend to violate two Illinois laws; 510 ILCS 65/4 and 510 ILCS 70/5, 7.5.

Mr. Sacia, your callous disregard for human life over your obsession with slaughter is reprehensible. Your callous disregard of the voice of the people of Illinois is reprehensible. Your callous disregard for our laws is reprehensible.

Your proposed legislation will be fought by horse owners across the country and once again, your sense of judgment will be questioned. A rational person would not persist with legislation that is not wanted by the people. A sensible person would not continue to push their personal agenda above their elected office.

It appears evident that you have issues that are prohibiting you from making a sound decision here. Perhaps it is time to step aside and let someone else execute the office who is soundly capable.

Equine Welfare Advocate involved in the grass roots effort to end horse slaughter.

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Too Many said...

I am not going to get into a flame war. I just want to say that do not be so bold as to assume you know what my feelings are. I speak for myself, you do not and never will speak for me.