Monday, February 2, 2009

Petitions to Arkansas & North Dakota

These are the two state legislatures calling for the building of horse slaughter plants in their states. Of course, this state-by-state organizing is the work of the National Committee of State Legislatures (NCSL) Agricultural Sub-Committe. Here is a list of its members. I am hoping not all are pro-slaughter;

NCSL Agriculture and Energy Committee

Chair: Senator Harris B. McDowell III, Delaware
Chair: Senator Stephen R. Morris, Kansas
Vice Chair: Senator Brian Bingman, Oklahoma
Vice Chair: Representative John A. Heaton, New Mexico
Vice Chair: Senator Cindy Hyde-Smith, Mississippi
Vice Chair: Representative Thomas E. Jackson, Alabama
Vice Chair: Representative Sue Wallis, Wyoming
Immediate Past Chair: Senator Beverly Gard, Indiana
Staff Chair: Lowell Atchley, Kentucky
Staff Chair: James Fry, South Dakota
Staff Vice Chair: Josh Applebee, Alaska
Staff Vice Chair: Ronald C. Brach, New York*Opposes HS
Staff Vice Chair: Franklin Munyan, Virginia
Staff Vice Chair: Lucretia Shaw Collins, Florida
Staff Vice Chair: Matt Taylor, Georgia
Immediate Past Staff Chair: Scott Young, Nevada
NCSL CONTACTS: Glen Andersen (Denver) Kate Marks (Denver) Lee Posey (DC) Tamra Spielvogel (DC)

Click on the title above which will take you to the Arkansas petition where a link to the ND petition is embedded there. You can sign both petitions from the one link because the petitions are linked to eachother;

AR Petition;

ND Petition


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