Monday, February 23, 2009

"March" for Horses

The month of March for Horses

"March" Against Horse Slaughter

We are getting more and more excited as we put the finishing touches
on our March for Horses campaign.

Joining us in Washington DC for the month of March are all of our
lobbyists, well-versed and experienced on the horse slaughter issue.

As you march with us against horse slaughter from where you are, they
will be on the Hill, driving your message home to federal legislators-
- end the slaughter of America's horses across our borders, and
prevent horse slaughterers from setting up here.

Also, joining us in cities across the country during the month of
March are volunteers who will be street teaming in an effort to raise
further and much needed awareness about the horse slaughter issue.

While that is going on, we are having door hangers placed in nearby
suburban areas of the cities where street teaming is taking place. A
major target is Montana, which just so happens -- a certain quarter
says -- to want a purpose built horse slaughter plant in that
state. That state just so happens to a feedlot that supplies
Bouvry's in Canada with horses for slaughter.

Your participation in the Action Alerts during March are
strategically planned and timed to support the appointments we have,
and street teaming we are conducting. We therefore need you to get
involved at the highest level you can.


It our intention, with your help, to make this a really, really big
campaign and therefore ask you to make a donation of $10.00.

-- Make a non tax deductible donation to support our lobbying

This will pay for:

Metro cards
CD production
Rent (our utilities are included)
Internet service
(Note: Meals for strategy meetings are donated to us by obliging
nearby restaurants
Thankfully we have plenty of office supplies we acquired from
Presidential campaign offices for little or nothing when they shut
down after the election!)

-- Make a tax deductible donation to support our awareness raising

This will pay for:

Door hanger printing
Door hanger distribution services
Caps and tee-shirts
Buttons (to hand out)
Postcards (to hand out)


We are so grateful to all of you who have given already of your cash
donations (many of them doubled during matching gifts), in kind
donations, monthly gifts, major gifts, volunteer time, ideas and
suggestions. For all of you who make a monthly donation, it was
because of you we felt confident to launch March for Horses. Thank

The more we receive, the more we are able to do.

Door hanger distribution and street teaming are both highly effective
in getting the word out, reaching thousands who had no idea that
horses are slaughtered for their meat, and horrified at the thought
it may be coming to their state.

Here's the link again to make either a tax deductible or non tax
deductible cash gift:

Thanks everyone. I will be reporting from Washington DC starting
next week.

Until then,

Thank you and have a great rest of the week and weekend.

Vivian Grant,

Int'l Fund for Horses

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