Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Pro-Slaughter "Lobbiests" @ work in Kansas, Cutting Fences, Loosening Horses

Because of all the rumors about abandoned horses, the AWI has created an "Abandoned Horse Reward Fund."

Lots of these "abandoned horses" have been proven to be rumors, falsehoods and plain out and out untruths & lies generated by pro-slaughter supporters and lobbiests.. Right now there is a truck going round in Kansas cutting fencing and loosning horses all over the state. The next thing they do is call the press to tell them about"loose and abandoned horses." In one state, pro-slaughter lobbiests even purchased an "old nag" at auction and turned it loose in the streets.....

Here is the blurb from a concerned horse owner in Kansas;
(timing is funny here as the Kansas state legislature is just now proposing to bring back horse-slaughter)

FYI, pro-slaughters at work in Kansas - loosening horses
from Craiglist;

"...I am looking for the driver of a bright red or cherry red truck believed to be a flat bed with bright yellow running lights all across the back or the top of the cab. It looks either new or new paint job.
This person is stalking and cutting fence so horses can get out and get hit. Please contact me or the Johnson County, Mo. Sheriff's office..."

WE NEED YOUR HELP ON THIS...................
Location: Holden, Warrensburg

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Please just bear this in mind when you hear stories of loose and/or abandoned horses. The pro-slaughterers are DESPERATE to have their way.


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