Sunday, March 1, 2009

Congressional Horse Caucus a FOE of Equines?

The Congressional Horse Caucus is a bipartisan group of Members
of the House of Representatives created by the American Horse
Councel (AHC) and its more influential members, such as the National Thoroughbred Racing Association (NTRA), The Jockey Club and the American Quarter-Horse Association (AQHA) just to name a few,
formed under the auspices of "educating members of Congress
and their staffs about the importance of the horse industry in the economic, agricultural, sporting, gaming and recreational life of the nation," but actually what it is, is a loosely disguised "political action committee" (PAC) formulated for the sole purpose of furthering the AHCs own agendas, one of which is to keep the horse-slaughter pipeline going.

Most, but not all of this group of Representatives receives monies
from the AHC and its members, and, of course, are supporting the
issues important to it. As stated above, one of their most important "collective" interests is to oppose any legislation that would prohibit
the slaughter of our American Horses and of their exportation abroad
for the same diabolical purpose. Funny how it is these very organizations
that produce the most "unwanted" horses who are the very ones screaming the loudest how much they need horse-slaughter. What on earth would they do with their industry cast-offs if they didnt have the slaughter option,...goodness gracious they would have to pay a couple of hundred bucks for REAL humane euthansia, and with the many new tax-breaks and benefits our government has given the equine industry over the last few years ($44 million dollars in the Farm Bill, and now even more tax-breaks for them to come in 2009 in the Economic Stimulus Act) Lord Knows that the industrymen can well afford to properly euthanize their "unwanted" horses and even get a write off for it too!

There really is no need for equine slaughter. Slaughter is a horror reserved for food chain animals only, and the horse is not a food animal
in the USA, not yet anyways. We must be vigilent in our fight.

The Caucus presently has approximately 54 members.

If you are against horse slaughter, please check the list below of Congressional Horse Caucus members to see if your state
is represented here. If so, please contact your representative to see where they really stand on the issue, and remind them that you VOTE and are against horse-slaughter. Tell them to support the two bills in Congress that would end the slaugher and the exportation once and for all; Tell them to pass "The Horse Transpportation & Safety Act of 2006," (HR 305,) and "The Prevention of Equine Cruelty Act of 2009,"
(HR 503;) (Easy to remember them both, just turn the numbers around!)

Here are the known members of the Congressional Horse Caucus;

Rick Boucher, Va. (D)

Mike Burgess, Tx. (R)

Shelly Moore Capito, WV (R)

Dennis Cardoza, Ca., (D)

John Carter, Tx (R)

Ben Chandler,Ky (D)

Tom Cole, Ok (R)

Mike Conaway, Tx (R)

Jerry Costello, Il. (D)

Joseph Crowley, NY (D)

Geoff Davis, KY (R)

Lincoln Davis, Tn. (D)

John Duncan, TN (R)

Tom Feeney, Fl (R)
No longer in office but judged by
as one of the most corrupt politicians

Bart Gordon, Tn. (D)

Wally Herger, Ca. (R)

Rubin Hinojosa, Tx. (D)

Darrell Issa, Ca. (R)

Walter Jones, NC (R)

Mark Kirk, Il. (R)

John Kline Mn. (R)

Ray LaHood, (former Il. Congressman (R)
Obama Appointment; Now US Secretary of Transportation

Carolyn McCarthy, NY (D)

Thaddeus McCotter, MI (R)

Buck McKean, Ca. (R)

Kendrick Meek, Fl. (D)

Allan Mollohan, WV (D)

Frank Pallone, NJ (D)

Bill Pascrell, NJ (D)

Donald Payne, NJ (D)

Steve Pearce, NM (R)
No longer in office but judged by
to be one of the most corrupt politicians

Collin Peterson, MN (D)

Adam Putnam, Fl. (D)

George Radanovich, Ca. (R)

Nick Rahall, V. (D)

Dennis Rehberg, MT (R)

Hal Rogers, KY (R)

Lleana Ros-Lehithen, Fl. (R)

Mike Ross, Ar. (D)

Duch Ruppersberger, MD (D)

Jan Schakowsky, Il. (D)

John Spratt, SC (D)

Cliff Stearns, Fl. (R)

Mac Thornberry, Tx. (R)

Pat Tiberi, Oh. (R)

Zach Wamp, Tn. (R)

Jerry Weller, Il. (R)
Resigned for suspicious reasons;

Ed Whitfield, Ky. (R)

Joe Wilson, SC (R)

Please while you are at it, see and sign our petition against the American Horse Councel (AHC) and its state branches, for they are all one and the same;

Click on title above to see and sign the Congressional Horse Caucus petition.

Thanks for caring.

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