Thursday, March 5, 2009

Walk Across America to Help Horses

Eric Wilson from a small rural town in Ohio will walk from Delaware to California to help raise awareness of the plight of American horses. He need support from everyone. I'm inviting you to join a new Yahoo group to discuss how we can help Eric on his journey mission to save America's horses.

You will soon receive an invitation from to join
and participate in the discussion on how to help Eric.
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This is your opportunity to make an impact on behalf of horses in a new way, Eric has many needs for his walking trip and everyone can participate in some way. We need support and to promote this event for a cause we all hold near and dear to our hearts just as Eric does. This is what Eric has to offer and we need to get behind him and give him the support.

Susan Pizzini
coordinator for the 1st steps from the 1st state

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Anonymous said...


Eric broke shoulder and ankle now replacement walker will start walk on Saturday but this is a relay walk so walkers to take the baton for a bit will be needed. Please visit the Yahoo group for updates.