Sunday, March 8, 2009

A Survey for All Horse Councils

A National Survey of Horse Councils & Other Equine Organizations

Keeping Our Eye on the Horse

Greetings Fellow Equine Lovers!

We are conducting a National Survey for use in helping us to determine the “National Conscience” of horsemen and woman in the United States in regards to the issue of horse-slaughter. As you may know, currently there are two (2) bills in Congress that would prohibit the slaughter of American Horses for human consumption abroad. The bills, HR 305 & 503, would also prohibit their exportation to other countries for slaughter and human consumption. These two bills are the subject of much debate, not only in Congress but in every state in the nation as well. We are hoping to put some clarity into the issue by helping to identify and define more clearly the “mind-set” of the two positions , both for and against. We are attempting to answer the questions, “Who is for” and “Who is against” and why. We are also seeking to determine, what, if any, alternatives to slaughter there may be. We are hoping that your organization will assist us in our efforts by completing this short and simple survey. Once completed, you can email it back to us by hitting the reply to this email, or email us at

Thank you!

1. Name of Organization:________________________________________________

2. City / State: _________________________________________________________

3. Number of Members: ___________

4. Stated Purpose, Mission & Goals: _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

5. Your Organizations “Official” Position on Horse-Slaughter;

For ( ) Against ( )

Explain: ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

6. Was the official position as indicated above arrived at by a vote of all its members?

Yes ( ) No ( )

7. If not determined by vote of its members, how then was the determination arrived at?


8. If your organization is FOR horse slaughter, would your organization reconsider its position if there were real alternatives and workable solutions to the “unwanted” horse problem, such as more rescue, rehab and retirement facilities? Yes ( ) No ( )

9. If alternatives to slaughter existed, such as listed above, would your organization be willing to contribute a small part of its annual proceeds to such alternative programs? YES ( ) NO ( )

10. Of all your organizations members, how many are:

Breeders:__________________ Casual owner / riders that dont breed_______________

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