Saturday, March 28, 2009

Who Gets the Money?

Non-Profits Who Have Recieved Grants from Thoroughbred Charities of America;
$15 Million to Date
by category

Equine Rescue, Retraining, Adoption and Retirement

AAEP Foundation-"Equine Disaster Relief Fund" (KY)
Alaska Equine Rescue (AK)
Amaryllis Farm Equine Rescue (NY)
Angel Acres Horse Haven Rescue(PA)
Angel Horse Rescue (OK)
Another Chance 4 Horse (PA)
Appalachian Horse Help & Rescue (PA)
Blue Horse Charities (KY)
Bran Manor Equine Rescue (PA)
Bright Futures Farm Rescue (PA)
CANTER (MI, Mid-Atl, New England, OH)
Carolina Equine Society, Inc (NC)
Castleton Ranch Horse Rescue (CA)
Chez Chevaux (WA)
Cobleskill Agricultural & Technical College Foundation (NY)
Days End Farm Horse Rescue, Lisbon (MD)
Diamonds in the Rough (FL)
Double D Equine Rescue & Sanctuary (PA)
Equine Advocates (NY)
Equine Encore Foundation (AZ)
Equine Rescue & Rehabilitation, Parkton (MD)
Equine Rescue (NY)
Equirest, Inc. (OH)
Equus (CA)
Exceller Fund (TX)
Finger Lakes Thoroughbred Adoption Program (NY)
Forever Free Horse Rescue (CA)
Fraternal Order of Firefighters Large Animal Rescue Sem.(KY)
Friends of Ferdinand Indiana, Inc. (IN)
Give Me A Chance Equine Rescue (AR)
Greener Pastures Equine Rescue Foundation, Oklahoma (OK)
Heaven Can Wait (CA)
High Hope Steeplechase Association (KY)
Horse Rescue, Relief & Retirement Fund (GA)
High Hopes, Inc (PA)
Hooved Animal Humane Society (IL)
H.O.R.S.E. of CT (CT)
H.O.R.S.E. Rescue & Sanctuary (NY)
H.O.O.F. (Horse One To One Outreach Foundation) (CA)
Horse Feathers Equine Rescue (OK)
HorseNet, Inc. (MD)
Horses Haven (MI)
Horses in the Hood (CA)
Horses N Heroes of S. Florida (FL)
Horse Rescue, Relief and Retirement Fund (GA)
Humana Reserve/California Equine Council CA)
Jana Domino T'Bred Foundation (NY)
Jolene's Horse Rescue (CA)
Kentucky Equine Humane Center (KY)
Last Chance Corral (OH)
Lexington Humane Society (KY)
Life Horse (MD)
Lonestar Outreach to Place Ex-Racers (TX)
Lone State Equine (TX)
Lost Acres Horse Rescue (FL)
Lost and Found Rescue Foundation(PA)
Louisiana Vet Medical Assoc.-Equine Committee (LA)
Luv Shack Ranch (AZ)
Michigan State University Vet School (MI)
Mid-Atlantic Horse Rescue (MD)
Midway College (KY)
Minnesota Hooved Animal Rescue Foundation (MN)
Misfit Acres, Inc (MN)
Mitchel Farm Equine Retirement (CT)
Molasses Reef Farm (WI)
Mylestone Equine Rescue (NJ)
New York Horse Rescue (NY)
New Vocations Racehorse Adoption Program (OH)
Ohio State Foundation (OH)
Oklahoma Thoroughbred Retirement Program (OK)
Old Friends (KY)
Orphan Acres (ID)
Our Mims Retirement Haven(KY)
Paws For Life/Mid-Atlantic Horse Rescue (MD)
Peaceful Pastures Horse Rescue (OH)
Pegasus (CA)
Performance Equine Rescue Network (CA)
Pets Alive (NY)
Pheasant Hill Equine Foundation (MD)
Pure Thoughts (FL)
Rainhill Equine Facility (KY)
ReRun (KY, MD, NY, NJ)
Roanoke Valley Horse Rescue (VA)
Ryerss Farm For Aged Equine (PA)
Safe Haven Farm (PA)
Second Chance Ranch (WA)
Second Stride (KY)
South Delaware Horse Retirement (DE)
South Florida SPCA (FL)
South Jersey Thoroughbred Rescue (NJ)
Summerwinds Stable (DE)
Sussex County Animal Assoc (DE)
The Equine Sanctuary of Ojai (CA)
The Horse Rescue of North Scottsdale, Inc. (AZ)
The Horse Shelter (NM)
The Ranger Foundation (MD)
Thoroughbred Retirement Foundation (FL, IA, IN, MD, MO, NJ, NY,OK, KY, SC, VA)
Tranquility Farm (Harry Biszantz Memorial Center for TB Retirement) (CA)
Tri-State Equine Adoption (DE)
Turtle Rock Rescue (NH)
United Pegasus Foundation (CA)
United States Equestrian Federation-Emer. Rescue(KY)
United States Equine Rescue League (VA)
Voice For Horses Rescue Network (OH)
Walkin N Circles (NM)
Wind Ridge (PA)
Whidbey Island Equine Rescue (WA)
Whimsical Equine Rescue (DE)
Wild Horse Ranch (AZ)
Willow Pond Farm (CA)
Wind Ridge Farm Equine Sanctuary (PA)
Woodford Humane Society (KY)
Work To Ride (PA)

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