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America Outraged over Gov'ts Plan to Kill 33,000 Wild Horses

The Latest from the Associated Press 11/15/08

Wild Horse Advocates Make BIG STINK for BLM Over Mass Extermination
Plan of 33,000 wild horses;

Click on title above to see article;

You too can contribute to the BIG STINK we are making for the BLM by
leaving your comments with them on the "Comments" page of their
website. They are asking for it and are feeling our rage already!

Here is a link to the BLM on-line commentary form where they are
asking for public comment;

Also, Call the BLM and let them know by telephone; DO BOTH!
1 800- 710- 7597

Please also call SANDRA CHEREB, the Associated Press reporter who is
covering the story. She is not new to the issues. She can be reached
through the AP office number at 1-800-710-7597

Please also contact your Congressional Representatives and Senators
to express your outrage....and to ask for emergency Congressional
Hearings to be called in the matter of the BLMs mismanagment of our
wild horses and their plan for the immediate extermination of 33,000
of them. We need them to take action NOW!

Here is a link where you can find out who your representatives &
senators are, if you dont know, and I believe you can contact them
from these links also, but I may be wrong. Check and see;

Tell them to STOP the Wild Horse Killings NOW!

and find your State Senators here;

Also I would like to remind you that Rep. Nick Rahall (D.WVa) has
championed the cause of the wild horses in the past. Here is a link
where you can contact him and ask for help for the horses; tell him
to support emergency congressional hearings to be held NOW!

Rep. Nick Rahall (D. WVa.)

Keep Up with the Latest Developments through the
American Herds Blog, where they even have a link to a streaming live
video where you can watch Mondays Meeting of the Wild Horse & Burro
Advisory Committee LIVE and listen as they give the death sentence to
these 33,000 wild horses

Also, I AM THINKING, why cant some of the Big-Whig Wild Horse Mother Orgs and/ or the Humane Society or the Animal Welfare Institute or even Peta or some other MILLION DOLLAR MOTHER ORG ....have one of their slew of lawyers file an administrative appeal against the findings of the Government Accountabilty Office's Report? This is the report that gives the green light to the BLm to go ahead with their killing plan. I dont think it would be to hard to prove the findings of the report are arbitrary and caprious and that the determinations therein were rendered as an abuse of their power & discretion. The GAO's Report reported that the BLMs accounting methods are inadequate and unreliable, so how can they base any "rational" or reasonable decision on said admitted LACK of reliable information? Where are all our big-whig animal rights / animal welfare / wild lawyers? There are grounds for appeal of the GAO Report and an appeal might give the 33,000 thousand American Wild Horses a temporary reprive from the death sentence the BLm and the GAO have given them. I dont want to sound too much like Ralph Nader bemoaning the death of democracy in America today, and crying out for help, but I will repeat the question he put forth to his constituants in a lecture he gave on a college campus last fall; In the midst of all the "political chananigins," and "dirty dealings," against the American People (and, of course, now, the horses) "Where are all the lawyers?"

If you care about the lives of these horses, and the future of Americas Wild Horses in general, please Call all these National News publications tomorrow and let them know whats going on and that America is OUTRAGED at the notion of our government sending 33,000 of our wild horses to slaughter FOR NO GOOD OR VALID OR REAL REASON. Tell them you know its all about special interest, exploitation & and greed.

The lives of 33,000 American Wild Horses depends on us.

Albany NY Times Union
(518) 454-5413

Arizona Republic
(602) 444-8641

Arkansas Democrat-Gazette
(501) 378-3411

Asbury Park Press
(732) 643-4000

Atlanta Journal-Constitution
(404) 526-5488


Baltimore Sun
(410) 332-6565

Boston Globe
(617) 929-2840

Boston Herald
(800) 234-5680

Buffalo News
(716) 849-4461


Calgary Herald
(403) 235-7373

Calgary Sun
(403) 250-4141

Chicago Sun Times
(312) 321-2664

Chicago Tribune
(312) 222-3474

Cincinnati Enquirer
(513) 768-8438

Cincinnati Post
(513) 352-2767

Cleveland Plain Dealer
(216) 999-4370

Columbus Dispatch
(614) 461-8522


Daily Oklahoman
(405) 475-3314

Dallas Morning News
(214) 977-8444

Des Moines Register
(515) 284-8130

Detroit Free Press
(313) 222-6661

Detroit News
(313) 222-2260


Fort Worth Star-Telegram
(817) 390-7401


Houston Chronicle
(713) 220-7891


Las Vegas Review Journal
(702) 383-0298

Lexington Herald-Leader
(859) 231-3236

Los Angeles Daily News
(818) 713-3627

Los Angeles Times
(213) 237-3569

Louisville Courier-Journal
(502) 582-4361


Miami Herald
(305) 376-3500

Minneapolis Star-Tribune
(612) 673-4447


New Orleans Times-Picayune
(504) 826-3405

New York Daily News
(212) 210-1671

New York Post
(212) 930-8000

New York Times
(212) 556-7381

Newark Star-Ledger
(973) 392-4023

(516) 843-2810


Oakland Tribune
(925) 416-4803

Omaha World Herald
(402) 444-1311

Orange County Register
(714) 796-7804


Palm Beach Post
(561) 820-4440

Philadelphia Daily News
(215) 854-5700

Philadelphia Inquirer
(215) 854-4550


Sacramento Bee
(916) 441-4100

San Antonio Express News
(210) 351-7330

San Diego Union Tribune
(619) 293-1342

San Francisco Chronicle
(415) 777-7201

San Jose Mercury News
(408) 920-5354

Seattle Post-Intelligencer
(206) 448-8370

Seattle Times
(206) 464-8278

South Florida Sun Sentinel

St. Petersburg Times
(727) 893-8123


Tacoma News Tribune
(253) 597-8681

Tampa Tribune
(813) 259-7655

Toronto Globe
(416) 585-5333

Toronto Star
(416) 869-4361

Toronto Sun
(416) 947-2266


Vancouver Province
(604) 605-2014

Vancouver Sun
(604) 605-2395


Washington Post
(202) 334-7350


The Associated Press
(212) 621-1631

Bloomberg News
(609) 750-4688

Canadian Press
(416) 507-2154

(646) 223-6290

United Press International
(312) 781-1608


USA Today
(703) 276-3693

(617) 425-0077

(212) 522-2004


(860) 585-2330

Fox Sports Net
(310) 369-9160 (310) 969-6049


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