Sunday, November 9, 2008

The Hate Mail Comes Pouring In

MiltonFeathers@... wrote:

So, you're mad because most of us have real jobs that require us to
be AT THEM to get a pay check, and families to look after the require us
to be home to do so. These petitions of yours aren't even considered by the
courts since they must have REAL hand written signatures on them and hand
written addresses. ( maybe you should do some research on that ) So are
you out there collecting those or sitting in front of your computer sending out
emails? A request for help with those and a real address to send them to would have
been more appropriate. The successes these rescues proclaim are REAL, just
not the story you want to hear. Some of these people go and spend their
last dollars at horse sales and feed lots to purchase horses in an attempt to keep
them from slaughter. Then take them home and eat spaghetti or ramen noodles
every night to spend all they can on getting or keeping these horses healthy
and finding them homes. Yes, all so the horse didn't wind up in a slaughter
house or living in poor conditions. So, I am sorry for you that you have now " burned some bridges " and alienated yourself from some of the greatest people you could have on your side. People you could possibly need in the future. Calling them ......a bunch of sorry, dispassionate, lazy, cowardly sops:
That's the dumbest most uneducated thing you could have said. I
happen to know some of the rescues around here. I know they do all ( which
means every little thing ) they can to help and protect as many equines as
possible. Even some individuals who do the same, just not under the name of a
rescue. I know what they give up to this, The hard work, long hours ( on top of
the jobs and families they have ), the extras in their lives they could have
for themselves, and pain they suffer being hurt sore and tiered.
dispassionate, lazy, cowardly I don't think so.
Thank you for your time and good luck with your endeavors. They
all know your frustrations with humane care of equine, they all suffer your
passion to do everything that's right. There will be another fight tomorrow
and they will be there too.


Our "blurb" was not about rescue. Its about stopping the slaughter. TWO seperate and distinct things, wont you agree? Also, I thought I made it clear that we are well aware that not everyone can "drop everything" and go out and demonstrate (re-read the post) though we also made it clear that there most certainly ARE those out there who could, "if only" they had a mind to. I find, for the most part, "horsie type" people are a travelin' lot. It should be no big deal for some. Also, I thought I made it perfectly clear that our "angst" was directed mostly at the Mother Orgs whom we have been asking for help to organize for years. Like I said in the orignal post, if the shoe fits, wear it, if it dont apply then let it fly. If you are unable to organize or partake in any "Industry Accountability" demos for some reason other than "dont want to," or "plain wont,"... then none of our adominations apply to you. If you "would if you could," you are with us, so dont take it so personal. The blurb was intended for those who could, but just wont, so "let it fly."

As for defending our use of petitions, any activist worth their salt
knows they have at least some value, "legal" or not. For one,
petitions draw attention (and hopefully, support) to an issue. Of
course, it all depends on how much work you put in to broadcasting
them. I wont re-hash the value of on-line petitions here. It would be
re-stating the obvious, if you would only have eyes (or a reasonable
mind) to see it.

As for our "alianiating ourselves" from "good rescues" and other
people and orgs that "might have been of assistance" to us one day,
that is a laugh. We have begged for help from our "constituants" in
the rescue world for years,.. not only with our own rescue matters &
needs, but for networking with "like-minded" people and for help with
& support for our ideas, campaigns, and organizing "us all" as
well. THREE PEOPLE in all those years answered our pleas and "befriended"
us,and we are on good terms with them all today. "Friends" stay friends with
friends. The rest can all go to hell. We dont need anyone for
anything and that is the beauty of us....

We are not asking for help for ourselves, we are asking on behalf of
the horses.

"If you join in to help me then you are wasting your time, but if you
have come to us because your cause is caught up with ours, then you
are in the right place, with the right people."

The horses need everyone (everyone who IS ABLE, that is) to go all the way and take the fight one step further, ADVANCE it, that is, by protesting and DEMANDING Industry accountabilty NOW and an end to equine slaughter. We dont need no friggin bill to get'er done!

Rescue is what happens in between our fight to end horse-slaughter,
not the other way around. We want to save them all. Not just some.
Who can fault us for that? Who would, ...and why? Dosent everyone
want to see it end right here and RIGHT NOW? We DO have the power you know, if only the "movement" would "wake up" and realize this FACTOID and get moving.

As to your statement that "there will be another fight tomorrow" and the rescues " will be there then too," well that is all fine and well, but we Friends of Equines aint about waiting. Hundreds of horses are dying everyday you know, and they are getting ready to kill off all our wild mustangs and build back up the equine slaughter industry right here in the good ole USA. You OK with waiting for that to happen? By then it will be too late, and you will always have horse slaughter because you waited too long. Think it aint so? Just keep waiting. You WILL see. That dark day is not that far away. We better get busy soon.


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