Wednesday, November 12, 2008

SomeOne Else Calling for OVERWHELMING Force to Get What They Want

Sounds good to me, the "OverWhelming Force" part espically: DO NOT go
gently into that "Good Fight!"

Click on title above to see article;

"Wharever Your Fight, DONT be lady-like!"
- Mother Jones

Fight like their lives depended on it, cause they do!



dinah harlow said...

Slaughtering wild horses and burros is illegal. We demand an emergency congressional hearing IMMEDIATEKY regarding BLM's mismanagement of the land legally set aside by an act of congress in1971 specifically to protect wild horses. BLM is abusing its power. Such a monstrous act as slaughtering 33,000 horses will bring shame to America forever.

dinah harlow said...

SHAME on the BLM for knowingly violating the wild horse and burro act of 1971. Our children will be horrified at the pictures (TV and photographs)of the ILLEGAL slaughter of 33,000 innocent animals - and will mistrust the American government for the rest of their lives--as people around the world are learning to do. We once were their heros.