Thursday, November 6, 2008

Do-Gooders Doing Bad: NetPossie a "Breeding Incentives" Org.?

We all know about the good work NetPossie / Stolen Horse International does in locating stolen horses, but we see by their latest blurb they are now in the Breeding Incentive Business, just like the AQHA! They are auctioning off stud services donated to them on ebay and at "greatly reduced" prices. So here we have incentive on top of incentive to breed, not only does the money go to a good cause (NetPossie) but you get a great(?) breeding at a greatly reduced rate! Geeze, it makes ME even want to breed! How 'bout you?

Do we really need anymore breeding incentives? Couldnt they find something better to auction off, like horse tack, horse cookies, horse jewelry, greetings cards, candles, anything except for breeding. Fer crists sake, dont they know theres a horse over-population going on?

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